Phasmophobia: Sanity Medication

Learn how the Sanity Medication works in Phasmophobia using this guide.

Phasmophobia Sanity Medication cover

Sanity Medication is an equipment that helps you stay alive during contracts in Phasmophobia. As you get deeper into investigating ghosts, your Sanity will drain while witnessing ghost events and staying too long in the dark. This leaves you vulnerable to the ghost when it hunts. In this guide, I’ll be teaching you how to use Sanity Medication in Phasmophobia.

What Does Sanity Medication Do in Phasmophobia?

Sanity Medication restores some of your depleted Sanity during contracts. Ghosts are likely to start hunts when the team’s average Sanity is low; some will even target players who have the lowest Sanity of the team. Having a higher Sanity lessens the odds that the ghost will start a hunt.

How to Get Sanity Medication in Phasmophobia

You’ll unlock Sanity Medication once you reach Level 16 when you can add it to your Loadout. You can then buy it at any time through the Equipment Store at the lobby.

How Much Does Sanity Medication Cost?

Sanity Medication costs $20 per purchase and will remain the same price regardless of what tier you’re using.

Phasmophobia Sanity Medication Tiers

Sanity Medication tiers in Phasmophobia
  • Tier I — 30s Sanity Restoration Speed
  • Tier II — 20s Sanity Restoration Speed
  • Tier III — 10s Sanity Restoration Speed, 10s Sprint Boost

Once you reach Level 100 you’ll get the option to Prestige. If you choose to do so, your unlocked tiers will reset back to tier I again.

How to Upgrade Sanity Medication in Phasmophobia

You’ll unlock the ability to upgrade Sanity Medication as you level up. There will be a one-time purchase for each upgrade to the next tier.

  • Tier II Upgrade — Unlocked at Level 39 and costs $2,000 to upgrade
  • Tier III Upgrade — Unlocked at Level 77 and costs $5,000 to upgrade

After upgrading Sanity Medication, you can go back to any of the previous tiers you’ve unlocked by simply going to the Equipment Store, your Loadout, and then selecting Sanity Medication.

How to Use Sanity Medication in Phasmophobia

You can use Sanity Medication by pressing the right click on your mouse while holding it. This will consume the item and start the restoration of your Sanity.

Your Sanity will not immediately recover. Instead, it’ll take some time before the Sanity restoration takes its full effect. How long it takes depends on what tier you’re using. How much Sanity is restored depends on the difficulty you’re playing on.

  • Amateur — 40% Sanity Restoration
  • Intermediate — 35% Sanity Restoration
  • Professional — 30% Sanity Restoration
  • Nightmare —  25% Sanity Restoration
  • Insanity — 20% Sanity Restoration

On Custom difficulty, you can set how much Sanity you recover with the Sanity Medication yourself. You can view how much Sanity each player has and the average Sanity of the whole team back in the truck. On harder difficulties, the Sanity Monitor that shows the Sanity of each player may be broken.

Sanity Medication can only be used once before it’s dropped from your hand. It’s a Consumable so you’ll have to buy a new one at the Equipment Store once you use it.

Tier I and Tier II are both Consumables that only restore your Sanity. The Tier III Sanity Medication is an adrenaline shot that also gives you the added affect of having unlimited stamina while your Sanity is currently restoring.

Phasmophobia Sanity Medication Tips

  • It’s actually better for players who have higher Sanity to take Sanity Medication instead of the ones closer to 0%. This would raise the average Sanity of your team by ensuring less players will weigh down the average Sanity.
  • Ghosts have different Sanity Thresholds for when they start a hunt. The Shade, for example, will only start hunts once the average Sanity is below 35%. The Banshee is entirely dependent on a specific player’s Sanity to start a hunt and ignore the average.