Phasmophobia: Video Camera Guide

Learn how to easily get and use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia and discover all types of ghosts that leave behind evidence for it using this guide.

Phasmophobia Video Camera cover image

There is certain evidence left behind by the dead that the naked eye can’t see in Phasmophobia. Using the Video Camera, you can find Ghost Orbs that only certain ghosts produce, which helps narrow down their identities. In this guide, I’ll teach you how to use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia.

How to Unlock the Video Camera in Phasmophobia

The Video Camera is already unlocked by default in Phasmophobia since it’s considered to be one of your starter equipment. You can buy more at the Equipment Store in the lobby for $50 per piece.

You can bring 4 Video Cameras per investigation so there’s always one for each player if you’re playing a full party. You’re able to add or reduce the amount of Video Cameras your bring per investigation by going to your Loadout in the Equipment Store at the lobby.

At the start, you’ll only have access to the Tier I Video Camera. However, as you level up, you’ll eventually be able to unlock the next tiers for a price. At Level 33, you can unlock the Tier II Video Camera for $3,000. Once you’re at Level 61, you can upgrade to the Tier III Video Camera for another $3,000.

Video Camera in Loadout Phasmophobia

Regardless of what tier you’re using, the Video Camera will always remain at $50 every time you purchase one. Once you reach Level 100, you’ll get the option to Prestige. When you Prestige, the Video Camera along with all other equipment will go back to Tier I.

How to Use the Video Camera in Phasmophobia

To use the Video Camera, use the ‘Right Click’ button on the mouse to turn on night vision. You can then go around looking for Ghost Orbs that are present in the location. Once you’ve confirmed that there are Ghost Orbs, you can add that as evidence.

The Video Camera will automatically open the moment you leave the truck. You can also place it in a specific location. By holding ‘F’, you’ll see a translucent silhouette on the surface you’re setting it down on. You can move the mouse left or right to control which direction the camera will be looking at. This is useful for getting a good look at the room.

You can also use tripods to place the camera. Just press ‘F’ when near and look at one with the Video Camera in your hand to place it on the tripod.

Once a Video Camera is placed in a location, you can monitor it remotely from your truck. You’ll be able to see the view from the camera on the computer monitor. You can switch between cameras by left-clicking on the mouse. You can also turn on or off night vision by left-clicking on the keyboard.

Video Camera surveillance Phasmophobia

The Video Camera has three tiers, though they have similar functions. The higher the Video Camera tier, the better the image quality and the lower the chances of paranormal interference from the ghost.

Tips on Using the Video Camera

Here are the best ways to use the Video Camera:

  • Video Camera as Night Vision – Every tier of the camera has a Night Vision and you can use it as a makeshift flashlight around darker areas.
  • Observe Ghost Behavior From the Safety of the Truck – The Video Camera provides a remote way to monitor a room so you don’t lose Sanity when waiting for interactions to happen. This is a safe way to see if a room has any Ghost Orbs or if a ghost interacts with something like the Ghost Writing Book, DOTS Projector, or leave behind fingerprints.
  • Turn Lights Off – You can only see Ghost Orbs with the night vision so you can see better when the room’s lights are closed.

What Ghosts Leave Behind Ghost Orbs?

Not all ghosts leave behind Ghost Orbs. Only these ghosts will give out this kind of evidence:

  • Mare
  • Yokai
  • Raiju
  • Banshee
  • Revenant
  • Yurei
  • Hantu
  • Onryu
  • Obake
  • Thaye

Ghost Orbs can be found on the ghost’s favorite room. Depending on the difficulty you’re playing, the ghost may roam around and choose a new room as their favorite. If this happens, the Ghost Orb will move to the new favorite location of the ghost. You’ll have to be proactive when searching for it.

Once the ghost starts to hunt or manifests during a Ghost Event, the Video Camera feed will become distorted. On lower tiers, it’s almost impossible to see anything. However the image will become more clearer once you reach higher tiers.