PlayStation 4 Latest 9.00 Update Can Brick Your Console

Maybe Sony's way of telling you to get a PS5?

System software updates are always supposed to make our consoles run better, not worse.

Unfortunately this may not be the case for the latest 9.0 system software update of the PlayStation 4. What was supposed to be an update that focuses on adding trophies, improved remote play and parental controls have caused several players one big headache. Now this isn’t a sure thing that it’ll happen to you, but it’s good to know that other’s are experiencing some problems. You may want to hold off on that update till we’re sure it causes no problems.

On a Reddit post detailing the latest patch, an alarming number of players have reported a myriad of problems they’re experiencing. Some lucky few have gotten away with updating without experiencing any issues. Many, however, have experienced they’re consoles slowing down, problems in synching trophies, crashing, internet connectivity issues, and in the worst case, bricking.

PlayStation 4

If you don’t know what bricking is, it’s the act of rendering a hardware completely useless by breaking the system software that runs it. It may sound far fetched…because why would Sony make such a humongous error? But there are noticeable cases where this happened before. Thus the term “bricking” because it renders your electronic hardware into a glorified paperweight.

Does It Really Cause Problems?

Our members right now are attempting to update their PlayStation 4 to this latest update. We’ll let you know as soon as possible if we receive good results. Please wish us luck as our warranties for this Sony console have expired a long while ago.


Several of our members have downloaded the update and have experienced no setbacks. This isn’t a guarantee that yours will be fine, but we’ve thankfully avoided any issues.