Raft Fishing Guide: How to Get Bait in Raft

Baits are great for catching fish in Raft. But how do you get them?

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Players are asking how to get bait in Raft. As with any game that has a large body off water, fishing is pretty much a foregone conclusion and its addition to Raft has made many players clamor to get the different type of baits in the game. On this guide, we’ll teach you how to get bait in Raft.

How to Get Bait in Raft?

You can get bait in Raft by going to the Trading Post and buying it with Trash Cubes. A single fishing bait costs one Trash Cube. Most Trading Posts don’t have that many fishing baits however there are many trading posts you can travel to if you want to stock up on baits for fishing.

The Trash Cubes needed to purchase bait requires the Recycler. You need to build this first before you can trade the necessary currency for the fishing baits in any Trading Post.

How to Get Bait in Raft - Trading Post

To use these fishing baits, you first need a Fishing Rod which you can make using certain materials. More on that later in this article. There is also special bait variant called a Shark Bait which we’ll talk about.

How to Get Shark Bait in Raft?

You can get Shark Bait in Raft by crafting them with 2 Ropes, 2 Herrings, and 2 Pomfrets. You can craft them at the start of the game without having to use your Research Table.

Shark Bait Materials

  • x2 Ropes
  • x2 Herrings
  • x2 Pomfrets

Shark Bait are necessary for luring sharks away which are hostile to you. They will focus on the Shark Bait instead keeping you and your raft safe. On Peaceful Mode, Shark are neutral and do not attack so you do not need to craft Shark Baits in case.

How to Craft Fishing Rods in Raft?

Once you place one plank and a rope on your Research Table you’ll get the recipe to craft a Wooden Fishing Rod. You can make it with:

  • 8 Wooden Planks
  • 8 Rope

You can craft a Wooden Fishing Rod fairly early in the game. However along the way, you’ll be able to craft a Metal Fishing Rod which is more useful for catching certain fish. You can get the recipe for crafting Metal Fishing Rods by putting one scrap, one bolt, and one rope on the Research Table. Crafting the Metal Fishing Rod requires:

  • 8 Ropes
  • 1 Bolt
  • 3 Scraps

Crafting the Metal Fishing Rod doesn’t mean that you will no longer be using the wooden one. The Metal Fishing Rod gives you more chances to catch large fish like Mackerel and Catfish while the Wooden Fishing Rod has a higher chance of letting you catch smaller fish like Herring and Pomfret. You’ll alternate between the Fishing Rods depending on what you need.

If you need to make Shark Bait for example, then using the Wooden Fishing Rod to catch Herrings and Pomfrets is a necessity. This is because the Wooden Fishing Rod is better for catching smaller fish.

How to Fish in Raft?

To fish in Raft, simply stand beside a body of water and then left click with any Fishing Rod equipped. This will have you cast your rod into the water to wait for fish. Once you see that a fish is pulling you your rod, left click again to catch them.

How to Fish in Raft

You do not need fishing bait to fish however they do make the process easier. This is helpful for early game players who have not yet built a Recycler to trade Trash Cubes for bait.

What can you do with the fish you catch in Raft?

You can trade the fish you catch to any Trading Post for Trade Coins which lets you buy items. You can also cook fish using the Grill you build to eat if you’re feeling hungry.

Catching fish is one of the best methods to earn a lot of Trade Coins and store a lot of food since it doesn’t require that much work. You’re in a large body of water throughout most of your time in Raft. Fishing is pretty much obligatory.

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And that’s how to get bait in Raft among other things. We hope you found this Raft guide to be really helpful. Stay with us because we have more Raft content for you.

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