Remnant 2 Annihilation Cheese: How to Beat the Final Boss Easily

Remnant 2 Annihilation cheese cover image

There is a way to cheese Annihilation in Remnant 2. The final boss of the game is an intimidating large dragon with multiple phases and large health pools, so beating it isn’t going to be easy unless you know how. Many players are having trouble with this particular boss fight, so we made this guide showing you an easy way to beat Annihilation in Remnant 2.

How to Cheese Annihilation in Remnant 2?

A particularly dirty way to win against Annihilation is to quite literally dodge out of the arena. There is a small hole to your left side as soon as you face the entrance that you can dodge roll to get out of. This puts you out of harms way against the final boss’ attacks while you shoot down its health.

The moment you enter the final boss’ arena for your battle against Annihilation in Remnant 2, immediately turn around and look left. On the very left of the entrance pathway, dodge roll until you get to the other side. Normally boss fights restrict you so that you don’t go outside the boss fight arena but there is a small oversight that lets you fight Annihilation completely out of bounds.

You are fighting out of bounds however so you’re best bet is to bring long ranged weapons like the Plasma Cutter. This is where archetypes who excels at long distances like the Hunter will be most useful. Normally you’d be fighting Annihilation closer if you went through the boss fight the normal way.

Annihilation has two phases for its boss fight. The first will end after you’ve withered down its health. A cutscene will occur and you’ll find yourself back in boundaries the boss arena. When this happens, immediately turn to the entrance and dodge roll towards the leftmost path until you’re out again. This will let you fight the boss even in its final phase.

Because you’re out of bounds, Annihilation can’t hurt you. It doesn’t matter what boss modifiers it has if you’re playing on harder difficulties. It may take a while to find the sweet spot you can dodge out of, but with enough persistence you’ll be able to cheese the final boss of Remnant 2 easy enough.

This method was found thanks to Disc0naps on Youtube.