Remnant 2: How to Get Fae Royal Armor Set

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The Fae Royal Armor Set is one of the best looking Armor currently in Remnant 2. But more importantly, it is a high-stat heavy set that doesn’t take a great amount of effort to reduce its WEIGHT requirement.

Thankfully, this set of armor can easily be found with a little bit of luck with RNG and knowing the trick that unlocks the side chamber where it is hidden in.

Where to find the Fae Royal Armor Set?

The Fae Royal Armor Set can be found in the Postulant’s Parlor. The sub-location only appears in the tileset that starts in the Palace Courtyard in Losomn. Since Remnant 2 is procedurally generated, optional locations like the parlor don’t always appear on every playthrough. But there is a way to quickly improve your chances.

Load up an Adventure of Losomn. Once you get the magic quill from the Jester in the basement, go straight to the drawing on the wall to the right. Use the quill to complete the doorway and go straight through. If you don’t get the Postulant’s Parlor, reroll the Adventure until you get the sub-location.

The reason why we want to reroll a failed attempt at the parlor is to save us time. There is another door somewhere else in the castle that can potentially take us to the parlor, but you’ll have to go through locations like Ironborough and the Great Sewers first. And even after running around town, you are not guaranteed an instance of the parlor.

To start solving the Postulant’s Parlor puzzle, you need to get to the chamber at the Northern part of the map. It is the very last room at the top. Make a beeline through the central chambers and you should get there. You will have to deal with mobs and specials along the way.

Everything starts and ends with the Postulant’s board game. It is essentially a mix between tic-tac-toe and chess. The objective of the game is to maneuver your pieces in a straight line. If you want to know how to easily beat the chess game, check out our other article covering that topic.

You should also know that losing a game against the Postulant will incur harsh punishment. Every loss against him will result in your character taking on a stack of the CURSE debuff. And it will continue to stack on subsequent losses.

Tip: You can equip the Hex Ward ring to completely negate the CURSE debuff. You should be able to able to buy the ring from Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat.

Winning this mini-game will unlock the chamber behind the Postulant, which contains the Royal Hunting Bow, a long gun perfect for one-hit stealth builds. That’s the basics covered, let’s continue on how to unlock the Royal Fae Armor.

If you look closely, the Parlor is arranged exactly as the board game. There are chess pieces at the very center of the chambers. These things alone are a dead giveaway to how the chambers work.

There are some rooms that you will have access to and some you do not. But here’s the key. Where you move your pieces determines which doors are open to you. Each move you make with the white pieces unlocks a door in the chamber relative to its location on the game board. In the same way, the black pieces the Postulant moves locks a door at its location.

Look at it this way, the top of the grid represents the back chambers, while the lower ones are the chambers closest to the World Crystal. The Fae Royal armor is hidden somewhere in one of the side chambers of these chambers.

In our instance of the parlor, the armor set was located in the Northwest chamber. We do not know if this applies to ALL instances but the process will still apply should the armor spawn in the left chamber or the chambers on the right.

Play the game as you normally would and see if you can get the pieces in positions like the ones pictured above. This will allow you to access the top right chamber and the treasures within. You need only a white piece in the top right corner of the board. (It’s the white piece that will open the locked door that hides the armor.)

Note: You don’t need to have two white pieces positioned in the top and top-right positions. It is absolutely ok to leave the central position empty. All that matters is that there is no black piece in either position to block your path.

Important: Due to how the AI functions, the results will vary from move to move, game to game. Sometimes, it will go smoothly. Other times, you’ll have to delay your positioning to prevent the Postulant from winning.

Once you have the board in that state, stand up and leave the game screen. Don’t worry though. You won’t be punished for leaving the game early. The Postulant will patiently wait for you to continue the rest of the game.

The Fae armor set should be in one of these side chambers. If it doesn’t appear there, chances are it spawned somewhere else. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time.

At this point, you can unlock the rest of the chambers, except for the bottom left chamber. You cannot do that one as a solo. To unlock it, you’ll need a partner to help you out. Furthermore, the reward for that chamber is a multiplayer-exclusive ring. The other chambers should have items, chests, and a tome of knowledge. If you already have the items in your possession, don’t be surprised if the chambers have nothing left for you but scrap and materials.

Fae Royal Armor Details

The Fae Royal armor is one of the best the base game has to offer. It has a high defense and relatively manageable weight. (You can reduce the weight if you invest around 6 or so points into Strong Back.) The set has resistances in Bleed, Fire, and Blight.

  • Fae Royal Headcover
    • Armor: 15
    • Weight: 8
      • Bleed Resistance: 2
      • Fire Resistance: 2
      • Shock Resistance: 0
      • Corrosive Resistance: 0
      • Blight Resistance: 2
  • Fae Royal Bodyplate
    • Armor: 57
    • Weight: 27
      • Bleed Resistance: 4
      • Fire Resistance: 3
      • Shock Resistance: 0
      • Corrosive Resistance: 0
      • Blight Resistance: 2
  • Fae Royal Greaves
    • Armor: 25
    • Weight: 13
      • Bleed Resistance: 2
      • Fire Resistance: 3
      • Shock Resistance: 0
      • Corrosive Resistance: 0
      • Blight Resistance: 2
  • Fae Royal Vambraces
    • Armor: 10
    • Weight: 7
      • Bleed Resistance: 1
      • Fire Resistance: 1
      • Shock Resistance: 0
      • Corrosive Resistance: 0
      • Blight Resistance: 1

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