Remnant 2: How to Get the Ring of Omens

This guide goes through the important details about the Ring of Omens and how to obtain it in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Ring of Omens cover

The Ring of Omens is one of the rings that can be obtained in Remnant 2. This ring switches evades from consuming stamina into temporarily consuming health instead. Read head as we talk more about the Ring of Omens and how to get it in Remnant 2.

How to get the Ring of Omens

To get the Ring of Omens, you must first reach the Cathedral of Omens in Yaesha (Forbidden Grove starting point, The Ravager and The Doe storyline), and visit it during a Blood Moon. If it’s not a Blood Moon, you can simply warp back into Ward 13, then warp back to the cathedral until you see that the moon has turned red.

Next, go into the cathedral and head into the chamber where the hanging shadow mechanism is. For this guide, we will refer to the hall that you just came through as south, path ahead as north, and paths on the left and right are west and east, respectively.

  • First, pull the south lever until the triangle shadow is pointing north-northeast.
  • Next, pull the east lever so that the Doe symbol is positioned at the north and the Ravager symbol is position at the south.
  • Finally, pull the west lever so that the two adjacent circles are encircling both the Ravager and the Moon symbols.

You can then head into the room on the east where you will see that the floor will reveal a secret room below where you can find the Ring of Omens and some Blood Moon Essences.

Ring of Omens Stats

Evades cost 15% Max Health as Grey Health instead of Stamina.

Ring of Omens Uses

The Ring of Omens actually has a hidden trait which transforms the user’s dodge roll into a misty step if the ring is paired with one of six particular talismans that can be found in Yaesha. These are talismans that have the same symbols that are shown as the different omens.

These are the different talismans and the ways to obtain them:

  • Talisman of the Sun – Found as a random chance drop in The Expanding Glade or Forgotten Field.
  • Full Moon Circlet – Found in The Imperial Gardens underneath a trapdoor that only opens up during Blood Moon.
  • Necklace of Flowing Life – Found in either The Chimney or The Lament, inside a sarcophagus at the end of a course that is hidden behind an illusory wall.
  • Death’s Embrace – Purchased from Bedel of The Vaunnt at The Forbidden Grove for 1,000 scrap.
  • Red Doe Sigil – Obtained from the Eternal Empress if you give an unopened Ornate Lockbox.
  • Ravager’s Mark – Obtained by killing the Doe when given the option to do so.

The Misty Step becomes a default evade which will not be dependent on how heavy your total weight is, so it can be used with heavy armor and still evade swiftly.