How to Unlock Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2

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Every journey has a destination but the road doesn’t have to end there. The Explorer is a secret archetype that’s all about finding secrets in the most unlikely of places. Its main purpose is to boost your ability to collect resources while offering a significant buff to movement. In combat, the class caters to a run-and-gun play style though it’s versatile enough that you can easily slide into any melee-focused build.

The Explorer Archetype is at its best when you go around the map, vacuuming up every loose piece of metal off the ground. It is also the best when it comes to searching for every secret ring, relic, and amulet out there. Truly, an Archetype worthy of an end-game reward.

How to unlock the Explorer Archetype in Remnant 2?

To unlock the Remnant 2 Explorer archetype, all you need to do is to defeat the final boss, Annihilation, on any difficulty. Sounds simple, right? But it isn’t. This is the end game boss of Remnant 2 and you will have an interesting time trying to beat this one.

At the conclusion of the battle, you will be rewarded with a bunch of materials based on which difficulty you’ve beaten the final boss. One of the rewards is the Broken Compass material.

You know the drill by now. Once the end credits are over and you can freely move again, take the material back to Ward 13 and talk to Wallace. He’ll craft the Golden Compass Engram for you. This will unlock the Explorer Archetype.

Once you’ve unlocked the Explorer Archetype, you can now purchase the Realmwalker Set from Whispers the Armor Vendor. We advise doing so as soon as possible.

Important: As of the writing of this article, there is a known bug causing the game to delete the Realmwalker Set from Whispers inventory should you decide to immediately create a new character and start a new game.

Once you’ve unlocked the Explorer, you can also start the game again with a new character and they can have the Explorer as the starting Archetype.

You will also receive the following as starting weapons:

  • Ford’s Scattergun
  • Hero’s Sword

Explorer Archetype Details

Remnant 2 Explorer Archetype Details

But having the final class in the game is only the beginning. The class practically lays all the game’s secrets out in the open. Tailored-made for hunting down secrets and a huge pile of resources. In short, the perfect end-game class to tie up loose ends.

This class is also perfect for Melee-centric builds as the Plainswalker increases Movement Speed and reduces Stamina Cost. Two of the most important factors to make melee work in the game.

The Level 10 skill, Fortune Hunter, is where the Archetype truly shines. Any secret within that 40m will reveal itself to you and your team. Secrets in Remnant 2 are generally hidden behind a convoluted set of steps with multiple puzzles within puzzles. If you’re looking to get every piece of jewelry, armor set, and weapon in the game, this skill is what you need.

The best amulet to pair with this Archetype is the Scavenger’s Bauble Amulet. It increases Scrap pickups by 50% and automatically picks up any nearby crafting materials

The amulet can only be found in Yaesha. It can be found in either the Far Woods, the Twisted Chantry, the Forbidden Grove, Imperial Gardens, or the Withering Weald. If you manage to not find it on your main story playthrough, you will eventually find it in Adventure Mode.

When equipped it will increase Scrap pickups by 50% from all sources. When paired with the Metal Detector perk, we’re looking at a 60% increase in Scrap pickup.

You need Scrap to do anything in Ward 13. That and various levels of Iron and Lumenite Crystals. It is central to the progression of the game.

Prime Perk:

  • Lucky: Grants a 35% chance to spawn additional items and rarer drops when defeating stronger enemies.

Archetype Trait:

  • Swiftness: Increases all Movement Speed by (1% – 15%).


  • Plainswalker: Increases Movement Speed by 20% and reduces Stamina Cost by 80% for all allies. Lasts 30s. Cooldown: 54s.
  • Gold Digger: Dig into the ground to spring a fountain that grants a random buff. Fountains can grant either: 10% Increase All Damage dealt, 15% Damage Reduction, 1.5 Health Regeneration per second, or HASTE. Cooldown: 40.5s.
  • Fortune Hunter: Increases the Explorer’s Treasure Sense to reveal special items within 40m for all allies. Lasts 60s. Cooldown: 81s.


  • Scavenger: Pickups increase All Damage dealt by 5% per stack for 15s and All Crit Chance by 5%. Additional Stacks increase Duration up to 60s. Max 5 stacks. Damage increases with Explorer level.
  • Metal Detector: Increase Ammo, Currency, and Metal Drop Rate Chance for the entire party by 10% and increase the chance of Consumables being rewarded from Chests.
  • Prospector: Relic Fragments discovered by the Explorer drop at a higher quality. when picking up a Fragment, the Explorer has a 5% chance of picking up a second one of the same type & quality.
  • Self Discovery: Using a Relice instantly fills Scavenger Stacks, grants +1 Stack, and prevents Stack Decay for 30s.

Aside from the Explorer archetype, players have the freedom to play a more tanky class like the Engineer, or an agile one like the Invader. For other Remnant 2 guides, check out our list of articles on the game.

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