Remnant 2 Tal Ratha Choice Outcomes: Refuse or Be Eaten?

Should you choose to refuse or be eaten by Ratha in Remnant 2?

Remnant 2 Tal Ratha Choice cover image

In Remnant 2, there is a character named Tal Ratha that gives you a pretty interesting choice. It should be easy to pick whether you want to fight or be eaten, right? Well, you can completely choose to be devoured, which may not sound like the safest idea, but it does have its boons. Bare with us because we made this guide to show you the consequences of the Tal Ratha choice in Remnant 2.

Tal Ratha Choice Outcomes in Remnant 2

What do you choose when Tal Ratha gives you two options? This ultimately just results in what weapon you can build after you fight him. Whatever you pick, you’ll end up in a boss fight against him either way, but there are slightly different versions and different rewards.

Tal Ratha is the world boss of N’Erud and as such, he’s no pushover. He asks you to bring him Soul Sparks, which you can find in The Eon Vault area. Once you have it, go to the Forgotten Prison, where you’ll enter a cutscene about Tal Ratha asking you if you believe in free will. It’s here that he offers you two choices: Refuse or be eaten and gain immortality.

Choosing to refuse Tal Ratha’s offer to be eaten will result in a predictable boss fight with him in his physical form. Beating him in this form will give you the Spiced Bile which you can craft into the Nebula hand gun by talking to Ava McCabe in Ward 13 for 7 Lumenite Crystals and 650 Scrap.

You can choose to be eaten by Tal Ratha, in which case he devours you in a gulp. Surprisingly this doesn’t result in a game over but a boss fight against a metaphysical version of Tal Ratha. Beating him in this form gets you the Acidic Jawbone which you can craft into the Gas Giant melee weapon by also talking to Ava McCabe in Ward 13.

Both the Nebula and Gas Giant have their own unique mods. Challengers might like the melee weapon, Gas Giant, as it can leave toxic acid clouds where they strike allowing for eliminating of hordes easier. Gunslingers and other archetypes might lean towards the Nebula which can fire acidic bullets that seek enemies within 20 meters.

The difference between Tal Ratha and Tal Ratha (metaphysical) seems to be on movement. His physical version is slower but hits hard while his metaphysical version can teleport around the area and perform quick swipes. Boss modifiers will only make this fight more difficult which can happen if you’re fighting him on higher difficulties.