RoboCop Rogue City Advanced Tips & Tricks

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RoboCop Rogue City is the most faithful video game adaptation of the Sci-Fi movie series. But it actually goes above and beyond when it comes to just simply shooting bad and walking like RoboCop should. The game is actually a lot deeper than it has any business of being. At least in terms of gameplay.

In this guide, I’ll tell you some advanced tips I’ve learned after playing the game for over 50 hours. There are some things I expected to be the case but there were some aspects of the game that did catch me off guard.

Your Auto-9 pistol has infinite reserves. You can play the whole game without pulling out your secondary weapon. But what fun is that?

Ricochet rounds deal an impressive amount of damage. Not as high-damaging as a critical hit but it’s the closest thing to a free kill if angled correctly.

In some cases, the armor-piercing stat is more valuable than the raw damage stat. This is especially important if you’re looking to stun armored mercenaries and quickly destroy UEDs.

Drywall is easily destroyed. You can take advantage of this to surprise enemies. The same applies to you if they decide to bring out the heavy machine guns.

Partial reloads are faster than full reloads. Half a second longer in most cases but that’s a difference between alive or dead in a gunfight. This tip is especially important for advanced assault rifles that will take forever to reload from empty.

The Tier 2 Combat perk called ‘Reloading Strike’ instantly reloads all carried weapons with a successful melee attack. That means you can Dash toward someone, punch them, and then instantly turn your attention to the next guy to pump full of lead.

Passive heals up to 20% of your max health. At the highest tier of the Vitality skill, you’ll be able to regen up to 75% of your max health.

The clearest sign that a motorcycle is about to explode is if the gas tank is shooting out flames. If you make one motorcycle blow up, the explosion will cause the ones close to it to instantly explode as well.

The earliest OCP container you’ll find in the game is at the back of the second garage of the Chop Shop during the Stolen Vehicle side quest. In front of the Valine Auto Parts poster.

OCP Containers are randomized every single playthrough. You never know what you’ll get. You can have a container with 5 chips of varying shapes and percentages or you can 1 chip with very low stats. Either outcome is very possible.

The values for each Upgrade Chip is a randomized number between 11% to 15% initially. Your level of ENGINEERING determines the amount upon pick up. Contrary to what one might think, the ENGINEERING passive does not apply to the chips you currently hold. It will only apply to new chips you find from OCP Containers.

I still don’t fully understand how Chip Merge really works. I mean, I can’t predict what the resulting shape is going to look like after three chips have been merged. All I know is that you put in three low-level chips and you can potentially get one chip 3 tiers higher than the three you put in. That might have been the point. To get rid of useless chips.

Shockwave, Shield, Dash, Slow Motion, and Ricochet are active skills that have separate activation buttons and conditions.

Max out the Deduction Skill as quickly as you can. The benefits are too good to pass up. The extra EXP boost you get from Tier 10 ‘Enhanced Learning’ applies to every source of experience and not just to reading books.

While RoboCop won’t die easily from small arms fire, if enough enemies are shooting him at once, his aim will be completely thrown off. Use the Shield skill to brace yourself or reposition yourself so you can pick off enemies one by one.

Some boss battles have environmental hazards that can cause great damage. Use your scanner to reveal them and you might gain the upper hand with a perfectly timed squeeze of the trigger. (It’s nice when something other than RoboCop is trapped under rubble in the Steel Mill.)

Auto-9 chips with infinite ammo and high armor piercing value are a perfect combination against bosses like ED-209.

Efficiency challenges are no joke. If you believe that you are pulling ahead, a single burst from the ED-209 will quickly close the gap. Make sure to always be in front of the competition. At the most allow your competition to distract enemies while you go ahead.

Public Trust points are an invisible stat. You won’t see the results of your efforts (or lack thereof) until the end credits.

Your dialogue choices have far-reaching consequences that you won’t be aware of in the moment you make them. Choose carefully. There are no multiple saves to fall back on.

A high PSYCHOLOGY Skill makes all the difference in some characters’ epilogue. This is especially true when it comes to Pickles. To get his “good ending”, you’ll need high PSYCHOLOGY before you do his ‘Be Kind Rewind’ secondary quest.

The Police Work Miscellaneous Objective is usually pretty easy to accomplish. It’s due to the abundant amount of Crime Evidences in most levels. But that does not apply to Wendell’s Confession quest in the OCP Correctional Facility. It is strictly 600 pieces of evidence in total. You need to look in every room and every office to get the bare minimum. There are a few items past the point of no return. But it caps off at around 150. It is very possible to be short 25 evidence upon finishing the level.

There are a couple of things you need to know before going into the ‘Shady Meeting’ quest. The first thing is that the timer starts the moment you start the level. The second is that the timer still runs even during Becker’s annoying monologues.

The UEDs come from specific containers at a time. You can tell from which sector they’re coming from by listening to the alarm and the direction it is coming from.

The best skill to have during this encounter is the level 10 Combat perk, ‘Enhanced Shockwave’. If timed properly, you can outright destroy entire groups of UEDs in close proximity to each other.

The arena itself is full of goodies to use against them. But I’d advise not picking up the explosives during combat unless you’re really confident with them. Instead, pick up explosives and throw them into the room they’re coming from before they start shooting. The rest of the encounter boils down to shooting their heads off so they malfunction and avoid shooting their arms off at all costs.

This last tip is for the ‘Burning Building’ quest, specifically the optional objective of saving the guy who had lost his cat. I kid you not, the first time I played this level, I got frustrated with not being able to find his cat. So I figured that it was supposed to be at a later part of the mission.

Turns out, the cat was chilling on top of the dresser. Why did that cat choose the one place where smoke and fire rise up? I don’t know. But in any case, you can find the cat in the bedroom on top of the dresser. You may need night vision to actually see the little guy. (Kinda sad I couldn’t save either of them the first time.)

And that’s everything I’ve got for this advanced tips & tricks guide for RoboCop Rogue City. I hope it has been helpful to you in some shape or form. Rogue City was one helluva game and hopefully, we’ll see more like it in the future.

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