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RoboCop Rogue City is a surprisingly deep game, at least with its mechanics. It is not your typical shooter where your only purpose is to go into every situation guns blazing. There are multiple aspects to the game, including investigation and conversation segments that have far-reaching consequences at the end of the game. But for the moment-to-moment stuff, that will all depend on the kinds of Skills you decide to invest in.

In this RoboCop Rogue City Skills guide, I’ll tell you what each skill type does and how best to move forward with your stash of skill points.

So, how to get experience quickly in RoboCop Rogue City?

The fastest way to get experience for skill points is to complete Primary Objectives and Side Objectives. The way the game handles it is you get a set amount of experience after completing objectives. But you’ll get another bonus during your Evaluations. In short, the more objectives you do, the more you’ll get from bonuses.

You can also look for OCP Training Disks to give an instant skill point. The problem is that they are too few and far between to make any reach impact on your skills gain. Your only other option is to scan Notes for information. But that’ll require you to invest in the Deduction skill first.

There are two things you need to about Skills. Firstly, every skill point you invest adds 5% to that skill’s passive. All skills have 0% to start with but you won’t feel lacking until mid-point in the game where the need to specialize becomes obvious.

The second thing you need to know is that every skill has a tier bonus that activates after investing a certain number of skill points into a skill. Most are [Active] skills that you can use to give you an edge in combat while others allow you to become a lie detector.

  • Tier 1 unlocks at 2 skill points
  • Tier 2 unlocks at 6 skill points
  • Tier 3 unlocks at 10 skill points


  • Passive: Combat – [0-50]% bonus weapon damage
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Shockwave – Stuns nearby enemies for a short time
  • Tier 2: Reloading strike – A successful punch connecting with an enemy reloads all carried weapons
  • Tier 3: Enhanced Shockwave – More powerful shockwave that instantly kills nearby enemies

The combat passive increases the damage of every weapon in your arsenal, including your fists. The Shockwave skill acts as a frontal flashbang that stuns enemies for a short time. At its highest, you’ll be able to instantly kill lower-tier enemies caught in the flash.

The reloading strike comes in very handy against groups of cannon fodder. But loses some value once armored enemies are introduced. Unfortunately, grabs don’t count as melee kills.


  • Passive: Armor – [0-50]% damage reduction
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Shield – Reduces received damage by 80% for a short time
  • Tier 2: High Damage Reduction – Explosives and high-caliber weapons deal 25% less damage
  • Tier 3: Deflect – Small caliber rounds ricochet off your armor and damage nearby enemies

Like in most RPG games, armor reduces the amount of damage you take per enemy attack. At its highest tier, your armor becomes a ricochet spot for handgun and SMG bullets. Any enemy close to you will learn the hard way that it costs a lot to stand near.

The Shield skill turns you into a literal tank for a few seconds. Use it in situations where you need to break through enemy lines and have to cross no-mans land to get to them.


  • Passive: Vitality – [0-50]% bonus health points
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Fuse Boxes Recovery – You can use Fuse Boxes to recover up to 50% of your health. Increases the maximum number of OCP Recovery Charges to 4
  • Tier 2: Enhanced Fuse Boxes Recovery: Fuse Boxes recover your entire health. Increases the maximum number of OCP Recovery Charges to 5
  • Tier 3: Auto Regeneration – Slowly recover up to 75% of your maximum health

Fuse boxes are a common sight in most areas of the game. It only makes sense to use them to save yourself a Recovery Charge. Plus, the more points you invest in Vitality, the more charges you’ll be able to store.

Auto Regeneration is nice to have, especially in Extreme difficulty where it won’t take much to kill RoboCop. It’s very much wasted on Easy difficulty. But it is a life-saver near the end of a normal difficulty run.


  • Passive: Engineering – [0-50]% chip modificator bonus
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Dash allows you to ram into enemies or quickly escape danger
  • Tier 2: Cracking – Allows you to open any safe without the combination. You can also reprogram enemy turrets
  • Tier 3: Enhanced Dash – Reduced cooldown time after a dash

Don’t underestimate the value of the chip bonus. It’s another value that layers on top of combat buffs and affects things like bullet penetration. It’s something to consider in the mid-game.

The Dash ability can quickly close the gap between and the enemy or give you an escape vector when under heavy fire. It’s not much of a priority per se considering that turrets won’t come into play until very late in the game. At least invest some points for the chip bonuses for your Auto-9 sidearm.


  • Passive: Focus – [0-50]% slow motion skill duration
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Slow Motion – Your reflexes allow you to see your environment in slow motion for a short time
  • Tier 2: Enhanced Critical Damage – Doubles your critical damage
  • Tier 3: Enhanced Slow Motion – Eliminating enemies in Slow Motion increases Slow Motion duration

The Focus skill is primarily used to buff your Slow Motion ability. It’s a nice skill that allows you to line up your shot with ease. Doesn’t work well with slow-firing weapons though.

Enhanced Critical Damage is pretty much wasted on most regular enemies as they die instantly from a headshot. Armored enemies don’t have crit spot until the armor is removed first. Best used on tanky bosses like the Ed-209.


  • Passive: Scanning – [0-50]% extended investigation vision range
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Ricochet – Lets you hit enemies behind cover by bouncing bullets off certain spots. Activate RoboCop Vision to use
  • Tier 2: Instant Scanner – RoboCop Vision instantly marks every enemy in sight
  • Tier 3: Ricochet Split – Ricocheting bullets split and hit more enemies

Scanning is one of the skills you want early on if only for the ricochet ability. Fun fact, ricochet bullets deal a lot more damage compared to a regular body shot. Plus, it’s fun as heck to have in every encounter that allows for ricochet action.

The Instant Scanner removes the delay that comes from shifting targets. It’s worth having if run-and-gun is your preferred playstyle.


  • Passive: [0-50]% more experience from Notes
  • Tier 1 [Active]: Enhanced Scanning – Scanning lets you more often detect helpful information, such as a safe combination, or discover hidden objects or rooms
  • Tier 2: Enhanced Map – Marks the locations of valuable items or data on your map
  • Tier 3: Enhanced Learning – Gain 30% more experience points

One of the best skills to have in the early game, the Deduction skill allows you to see things you won’t normally catch with the default scanner. You’ll be able to see doors to hidden rooms and, more importantly, safe combinations to open the various safes in some levels.

The Tier 2 skill allows you to see the locations of misdemeanors, making it so much easier to finish the Serve and Protect side quests. At its max, the 30% increase applies to all sources, including your evaluations and quest completion.


  • Passive: Psychology – [0-50]% lower requirements for all dialogue options
  • Tier 1: Enhanced Public Trust – Doubles earned Public Trust points
  • Tier 2: Empathetic Processing – Highlights favorable dialogue options
  • Tier 3: Impact – Lowers outcome thresholds for the main characters

Psychology is purely a passive buff in RoboCop Rogue City. There is an invisible stat that determines how the public perceives you and how certain characters view your actions.

At higher tiers, you’ll be able to see more options through the lower requirements for all dialogue options. You’ll also see what each option leads you, whether it is an emphatic response or a cold-logic one.

And that’s everything I’ve got for this Skills guide for RoboCop Rogue City. If I may offer some advice, I suggest going for Tier 2 on Deduction first and then making choices around your preferred playstyle. But there’s no real wrong way of playing.. unless it’s Engineering. Tier 2 is nice but Deduction lets you look for the combination and marks stuff on your map. It’s a simple choice for me.

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