Sonic Frontiers Ending Explained

Explaining the ending of Sonic Frontiers.

The Sonic Frontiers ending may have players questioning a few things. With the closest thing to an open world Sonic game, the story of Frontiers has caught the eyes of many due to the new approach. This article will talk about the ending of Sonic Frontiers and what it could possibly mean.

What Happens in the Sonic Frontiers Ending?

In the ending of Sonic Frontiers, Sonic and Eggman form a rare truce of sorts to defeat The End who is controlling Supreme in its Titan form. With Eggman handing over the last Chaos Emerald Sonic needs to transform into Super Sonic to battle Supreme both on the ground and in space.

Unfortunately defeating Supreme in its Titan form isn’t enough to defeat The End who leaves the Titan body and escapes into space to regain its strength. Sonic promptly goes after it but finds himself overwhelmed after The End is revealed to be a large purple moon residing over the planet.

The End Sonic Frontiers Ending Explained

Back on the planet, Dr. Eggman and Sage have a somber conversation. With Sage revealing that she can stop The End but it would mean having to leave Eggman’s side. Eggman tells her to go fulfill her function, although clearly not happy about having to do so.

Back in space, Super Sonic is facing off against The End’s true form with the help of the Ancients. However despite this and even with the Chaos Emeralds, he fails to do any significant damage until Sage arrives and sacrifices herself to destroy The End once and for all.

With The End destroy and the Ancients avenged, Sonic returns to the planet to his friends. For the time being, the group disbands due to everyone wanting to pursue their own adventures but not before one last flight courtesy of Tails.

Does Sage Die in Sonic Frontiers?

Sage doesn’t actually die in a real sense in Sonic Frontiers. In the stinger ending, Dr. Eggman uploads her into his computer, managing to save her life.

Considering how she was initially an antagonistic presence, Sage’s shift into becoming Sonic’s ally near the end of the game is surprising. Having been created by Dr. Eggman, it’s revealed that her real motive is simply to help her father escape the Cyber Space and protect everyone from a malevolent force known as The End. Her initial hostility to Sonic turns out to be justified as the titular blue hedgehog was being manipulated by The End to release it from its prison.

Despite seemingly sacrificing herself to help Super Sonic defeat The End in the Sonic Frontiers ending, it seems Eggman somehow managed to save her. Presumably due to keeping a backup of her AI.

Sage Sonic Frontiers Ending Explained

That’s the explanation about the Sonic Frontiers Ending. We hope this article was informative. For more on Sonic Frontiers, check out our other content.

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