Star Ocean The Divine Force: Such Soft And Fluffy Beds Side Quest

This is one feathery request that Star Ocean fans will find easily

Star Ocean Such Soft and Fluffy feature

Such Soft and Fluffy Beds is a side quest in Star Ocean: The Divine Force that will test every players’ ability to farm for materials. This guide will teach players how to complete this quest and what rewards await them for completing it.

How to Start the Such Soft and Fluffy Beds Side Quest

The side quest can be found after leaving for Eda from Delryk Village. Players must approach the Innkeeper Who is Looking to Upgrade located in the Seaport of Rythal. Talk to her and the quest will begin.

How to Complete the Such Soft and Fluffy Beds Side Quest

Such Soft and Fluffy Beds: How To Complete It

The Innkeeper will ask players for help in fixing the beds at the inn. To fix them, she will ask players to collect 4 Axe Beak Feathers. This item is likely to be in the player’s inventory if they have been fighting Ace Beak enemies in their travels. If they have, return straight to the innkeeper and give the feathers as the quest will be completed.

Such Soft and Fluffy Beds Side Quest Rewards

Such Soft and Fluffy Beds: Rewards

Upon completion, players will receive the following rewards and will be useful in their future endeavors in Star Ocean the Divine Force:

  • 2560 Fol
  • Lost Axe Beak’s Feathers x4

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