Starfield: How to Join All Factions

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Factions in Starfield offer you the chance to join and become a part of something greater. Each faction has their own goals and ethics that they follow that might align with your playstyle. If you think a particular faction is for you, then there may be a way to join them. Here’s a guide that shows you how many factions you can join in Starfield.

How Many Factions Can You Join in Starfield?

You can join five major factions in Starfield and complete their faction exclusive storyline, quests, rewards. There’s no limit to how many factions you can join at once and siding with a faction doesn’t lock you out of the others.

Here are the five factions in Starfield:

  • Constellation
  • UC Vanguard
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Crimson Fleet

Each faction controls its own portion of the galaxy. Some factions look out for themselves and have their own style of rules to follow. If you want to learn more about the lore of Starfield or play a certain way, the factions offer a great way to immerse yourself more. They also have some of the best rewards in the game, which you don’t want to miss out on.

How to Join Constellation

Finish the first main story mission of Starfield and you’ll automatically join Constellation. Unlike other optional factions to join, you don’t have a choice but to become one of them even if you don’t want to since they’re heavily involved with the main quests of Starfield.

The Constellation are a group of enthusiastic space explorers. Headed by Sarah Morgan, they’ll be your allies in trying to figure out the strange Artifact you got at the prologue of the game.

How to Join UC Vanguard

Go to New Atlantis with Sarah Morgan and talk to Commander Tuala at the MAST building. He’ll offer you a spot with the UC Vanguard. Accept it and undertake the examination to become one. After swearing the oath, you’re officially part of the UC Vanguard.

The UC Vanguard are the most militaristic faction you can join in Starfield. If you want to roleplay a character with military background or want to be closer to the UC Colonies, they’re the ones you want to go to. This faction will also make sense for you to join if you have the United Colonies Native trait at the Character Creation screen.

How to Join Freestar Collective

Go to Akila City in the Cheyenne System and walk in front of the Galbank building. You’ll have to assist the marshal take down the robbers inside. No matter how you do it, you’ll eventually be told to meet up with Emma who’ll task you to take down a pirate crew before you’re deputized and made into a Freestar Ranger.

The Freestar Rangers have a clear wild west aesthetic despite being a hundred years into the future. This is where Sam Coe, one of your companions, hails from and was a former Freestar Ranger before joining you. They have one of the coolest outfits in the game which you’ll receive upon joining them. If you have the Freestar Collective trait, you’ll have your roots here.

How to Join Ryujin Industries

Walk around New Atlantis until you hear NPCs talking about a rumor regarding job postings. Follow what they say to Volii Alpha in the Volii System and you’ll find a landing site in Neon. There are terminals in the street where you can sign up for Ryujin Industries. After submitting your application, go to Ryujin Industries head office and talk to the HR to get the job.

Ryujin Industries is a typical conglomerate. Many of their missions involve corporate espionage and if you want to be in the cutthroat world of corrupt business, this is the faction for you.

How to Join Crimson Fleet

You can join the Crimson Fleet as a mole for the UC Colonies. Either join the Vanguard at New Atlantis or purposefully get captured with contraband aboard your ship. You’ll be directed to go undercover at the Crimson Fleet and even proceed with the faction exclusive quests.

The Crimson Fleet are among the most unlawful of factions. They’re a group of pirates after all who you’ve inevitably fought throughout Starfield. If you want to play as the bad guy or experience going undercover, you’ll want to join them.