Sword Art Online Asuna Kimono 1/4 Scale Figure Announced

Sword Art Online Fans will be excited a new Asuna Scale model

FuRyu is a new product of the high-quality hobby brand “F: NEX”, which is a collaboration product with the long-established doll “Yoshitoku”. ” Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld ” Yoshitoku x F: NEX Asuna-Japan doll-1/4 scale figure will release on October 2022.

This product is made with a focus on “Japanese doll-likeness”, such as the appearance of a sword transformed into a Japanese umbrella and the expression that makes you feel a sense of humor.  The kimono is made of red and white fabric with the image of Asuna and decorated with cherry blossoms and chrysanthemums, making it a gem that combines the uniqueness of Asuna with the traditional beauty of Japan. This newly made figurine can be pre-ordered online at the F:NEX website.

Product Details:

  • [Title] Sword Art Online Alicization War of Underworld
  • [Product Name] Yoshitoku x F: NEX Asuna -Japanese Doll-1 / 4 Scale Figure
  • [Reservation period] February 9th (Wednesday) -April 13th (Wednesday), 2022
  • [Release date] October 2022 (planned)
  • [Price] 168,300 yen (tax included)
  • [Distributor] FuRyu Co., Ltd.

What is Yoshitoku Co. Ltd.?

The oldest doll store in Tokyo, founded in the first year of Shotoku (1711). In addition to Hina dolls, May dolls, and Japanese dolls, they are actively manufacturing and selling collaborative products with various character contents while valuing “tradition” and grasping the changes of the times.

What is F:NEX?

A hobby EC site that develops high-quality products created with the concept of “FuRyu figures go to the next stage”. Utilizing the manufacturing know-how that FuRyu has cultivated through amusement exclusive prizes and character lottery, they have provided products that are particular about planning, modeling, and quality.

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