Texas Chain Saw Massacre: All Family Executions & How to Use Them

Texas Chainsaw Massacre executions cover

It just wouldn’t be Texas Chain Saw Massacre without grisly executions. Members of the iconic Cannibal family can do some disturbing things to the victims that’s pushing the boundaries of its ESRB rating. Read ahead as we show you all types of Family Executions, what they do, and how to use them in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

How to Use Executions in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

The family will use one of their executions automatically upon killing a victim. You can set the kind of execution each of the family will use by going to the Loadout and manually setting what execution you prefer.

When a victim is on low health, attacking again will trigger an execution. After the execution is done, the victim is dead for good. It’s also important to note that some executions are DLC exclusive so you need to buy them before you can see the gore in action.

You have to be at least Level 2 before you can customize loadouts. When you’re just starting the game for the first time, you’ll have to play a match first to unlock it. A single match should open up the loadouts tab so you can set each of the family’s execution. You can customize the loadout at the main menu through Customization or at the lobby before each match starts.

Executions are also tied so some of Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s trophies/achievements. The first time you do an execution, you get the Welcome to the Family achievement. If you’re aiming for 100% or platinum, you’ll need to pay a single match where you’ll execute all four victims.

All Family Executions in Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Here are the executions for each family member:


  • Gutted Like a Deer: Uses chainsaw to hack straight through a victim’s abdomen, thrusting his chainsaw upwards from the stomach.
  • Face Grinder: Make an incision on the side of the victim’s guts causing them to turn around in pain. Slices their leg with his chainsaw forcing them to be on a knee. Finally he grabs their face and pushes it into the chainsaw.
  • Drilling Down: Knocks down a victim and uses his chainsaw to saw through their heart.


  • Sticky End: Stabs the gut, then the ribs, then the neck.
  • Knife Party: Stabs someone from the back where their guts are and then walks around the victim as they turn around. Makes a cut forcing the victim to come face to face with him and then slashes the neck to finish them off.
  • Torn Apart: Slices the neck brutally.


  • Easier Said Than Done: Stabs a victim with his broomstick before repeatedly bludgeoning them to death with it.
  • Clobbered: Hits a victim before stabbing them multiple times with his broomstick but it gets stuck on the victim’s torso. He then has to yank it out.
  • Stick It To Them: Knocks a victim down before stabbing them with the broomstick.


  • Sliced Meat: Slashes a victim multiple times with his knife before finishing them off by making a deep cut to their throat.
  • You Hear Me: Stabs a victim’s ear.
  • Die Piggy: Knocks a victim down before stabbing them in the back.


  • Killing Tape: Blows poison on a victim’s face and then carves an S on their torso to mark her kill.
  • Flower Power: Slashes her victim multiple times before slashing the neck. She then cuts the neck wound slowly while singing a lullaby.
  • Claws Out: Knocks a victim down before slicing them apart with her razor.