Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Hitchhiker Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for the Hitchhiker in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre best Hitchhiker build cover

Hitchhiker is one of the killers in Texas Chain Saw Massacre. This skittish villain is one of the craftier members of the family, despite his simpleton disposition. Hitchhiker weaponizes his schizophrenia and can trap important locations on a map to catch victims when they least expect it. In this guide, we’ll show you how to make the best build for the Hitchhiker in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Hitchhiker Attributes

For the best Hitchhiker build, invest Attribute points into Endurance so he has more stamina to keep up the chase. What he lacks in raw damage, he can make up for by giving more of a chase and making multiple cuts to pester victims. Invest in Blood Harvesting so he can collect more blood vials and power up Grandpa.

Here are Hitchhiker’s starting attributes:

  • Savagery: 15
  • Blood Harvesting: 22
  • Endurance: 28

Hitchhiker starts with pretty high Endurance and some decent Blood Harvesting. However, he does have small Savagery, so he can’t deal as much damage without some investment. Don’t bother with Savagery as it’ll be a waste of Attribute points before you’ll see some decent returns.

Best Hitchhiker Ability Modifiers

Here are the best ability modifiers for the Hitchhiker:

  • Level 1: Increase Escape Difficulty
  • Level 2: Increase Escape Difficulty
  • Level 3: All Family See Noise

The Hitchhiker’s main ability is Trap, which allows him to set up a number of ground traps to catch victims who step on them. The number of traps he has is finite, but they can be picked up or reset again. They can be further modified to become more useful to you.

For the first two levels, pick Increase Escape Difficulty. A trapped victim is a dead victim, but only if you can get to them before they escape. By making it harder for victims to wiggle their way out, you can reach traps you placed that are further away from you to secure the kill.

As for the last perk, go for All Family See Noise, as this also gives other family players the notification to highlight that someone stepped on your trap. This is extremely useful for team play and wiping out victims from different parts of the map.

Best Hitchhiker Perks

Best Hitchhiker Perks

Here are the best perk loadouts for the Hitchhiker:

Blood Hunter build:

  • Surgical: You receive 20%/60%/100% more blood when attacking a victim.
  • Blood Runner: Stamina consumption is reduced by 5%/10%/15% when carrying more than 50% blood in blood vial.
  • Universal Donor: Blood collected from buckets is worth 20%/30%/40% more for you.

Trapper Killer build:

  • Serrated: Victims when hit by the perk holder take an extra 1HP/second damage over 3/4/5 seconds.
  • Tracker Tagged: Hitting a victim highlights them for all family members for 2/3/5 seconds.
  • Dinner Bell: Highlights victims caught in a trap and gives perk wielder a burst in stamina.

Other perks that you might want to consider while working to level up the Hitchhiker:

  • Punishment: After searching a hiding spot and finding a victim, you deal 20/30/50 extra damage points to them.
  • Universal Donor: Blood collected from buckets is worth 20%/30%/40% more for you.
  • Scout: Your movement speed is increased by 5%/10%/15%, but melee damage is reduced by 30%/20%/10%.

As for Grandpa Abilities, Hitchhiker works best with the following:

  • Experienced Stalkers: Reduces the Family’s proximity warning range for Victims.
  • Don’t Have All Day: Stamina drain while sprinting is decreased by 20%.
  • Brute Strength: Slightly increases melee damage for all Family members.