The Callisto Protocol Chapters List

How many chapters are there in The Callisto Protocol?

You may be curious as to how many of the The Callisto Protocol chapters you’ll go through to complete the game. This is a linear survival horror experience that will take you through different chapters in order to complete the main campaign. Let’s talk about The Callisto Protocol chapters list.

How Many Chapters Are In The Callisto Protocol?

There are a total of 8 chapters in The Callisto Protocol. While it may not seem like a lot, these chapters can take a while to beat. Here is The Callisto Protocol chapter list in the order you play them:

The Callisto Protocol Chapter List

The time you’ll spend in playing The Callisto Protocol chapters will vary in length. You can check out our article for how long to beat The Callisto Protocol if you want to know the general average of completing the main campaign.

Now while The Callisto Protocol chapters may be linear, you are still able to take different pathways called “beta paths” which give you a choice between two alternative ways to get to your objective. Players who seek to experience everything The Callisto Protocol has to offer may want to repeat these chapters to see what other beta paths have in store for them.

You’ll have to go through every chapter in The Callisto Protocol in order to properly understand what’s happening in the game. What secret lies in the prison colony of Jupiter’s second largest moon?

The Callisto Protocol Chapters List

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