The Callisto Protocol ending explained

Jacob fights like hell to survive the prison colony of Callisto. What lies for him in the end?

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With all the horrors that you experience in Jupiter’s second largest moon, you may be curious as to what The Callisto Protocol ending means. You’d have to fight like hell for answers to figure out what happened. On this article, we’ll explain the ending of The Callisto Protocol.

Beware of major spoilers for The Callisto Protocol!

What Happens in The Callisto Protocol Ending?

Jacob comes face-to-face with the Warden Cole who explains that the true purpose of The Callisto Protocol is to recreate the original Subject Zero as Subject Alpha in order to advance to the next step of human evolutionary growth. This culminates in a final boss fight with Captain Ferris, who becomes the new Alpha challenging Jacob to fight him.

While Jacob initially fights Captain Ferris as a large humanoid figure, he eventually transforms into a giant hulking flesh with a sharp tendril and extra limbs. Despite this, Jacob manages to kill him and extracts the Alpha sample from Ferris needed to cure Dani from the biophage.

Alpha The Callisto Protocol ending explained

Before the events of the final boss fight, Jacob is desperately looking for a way to save Dani. He finds himself having to trust Dr. Mahler who syncs both Jacob and Dani’s CORE with each other so that he could find out what really happened in the attack of Europa, Jupiter’s other moon. Jacob then gets told by Dr. Mahler that he’ll be able to synthesize an antidote for Dani if he can extract a sample from the Warden’s Alpha.

As Jacob goes to confront the Warden, he slowly gets access to the events in Europa that was seen in the prologue. He experiences what Dani went through in Jupiter’s other moon where the original outbreak of the biophage took place. This culminates in a realization that Europa’s outbreak was his responsibility and there was no terrorist attack as a flashback forced to him by his dead co-pilot, Max Burrows, reveals that Jacob actually found the alien larvae he was transporting to Europa and chose to look the other way.

It’s this revelation that pushes Jacob to quickly finding a cure for Dani and righting his past wrongs. As he reaches the top of The Tower, Jacob breaks into the conference room where he sees Warden Cole discussing his plans with three masked men who starts calling Jacob the survivor and “Vir Solitarius” which translated means lone man.

It’s in here that Cole reveals the true purpose of The Callisto Protocol. He wants to ensure humanity’s survival by forcing the next evolutionary stage so that our species could survive the unlivable and far reaches of space. Cole arranges for Jacob to fight Captain Ferris who is his Alpha.

Survivor The Callisto Protocol ending explained

After Jacob emerges as the victor in the final fight, he extracts the Alpha sample from Ferris and injects it into Dani which saves her life. However Cole activates the self destruct sequence and the entire tower is rigged to blow after Jacob refuses his offer to leave the sample to him instead. Jacob and Dani race to the pods before the facility explodes, however they find that there’s only one.

Jacob pushes Dani into the escape pod and activates its function. As Dani begs him to stop, Jacob apologizes to her for his role in Europa which led to her sister’s death. Jacob watches the escape pod fly out of Callisto and turns around to fight a large group of infected that storms in after them.

As Dani flies away to safety, she realizes that she’s carrying one of the alien larvae. Finally having the proof she needs to expose the United Jupiter Company for the biophage that destroyed Europa and the Black Iron prison colony. Dani hopes that Jacob found some peace in death whether he was looking to right his wrongs or find redemption for the pain he’s caused.

Does Jacob Die in The Callisto Protocol?

Jacob does not die in The Callisto Protocol ending. Despite the ending showing that he’s hopelessly fighting hordes of infected in a facility set to self destruct, a final scene shows that Jacob successfully dispatches the infected with Dr. Mahler contacting him to say there might be a way out.

This doesn’t guarantee that Jacob survives. However it does tease him potentially making it for the story DLC that Striking Distance Studios promised was coming this 2023. Knowing that there’s still a story DLC in the horizon, increases the likelihood of Jacob surviving the self destruct of the Tower.

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