The Day Before Beta Announced with Plans to Come Back to Steam

Fntastic emerges from the shadows after being silent for so long.

Fntastic promises The Day Before Beta and has also revealed plans to come back to Steam.

After a long silence from the developers, Fntastic finally emerged from the shadows and made the announcement. It is confirmed that The Day Before will be getting a playable beta test in the near future. They also revealed that the game will finally return to Steam after it got pulled from it since the developers have mistakenly not trademarked the title The Day Before when they first announced it. This led to a trademark dispute and resulted in the game’s removal from the PC storefront.

“For those wondering if the game [is] gonna be on Steam,” said one of the Discord admins. “It should be on Steam, yes. Team is working on it.”

“We have been working hard to ensure the game meets our high standards, and we are confident that it will be worth the wait,” the Discord message reads. “As we get closer to the release date, we will be conducting a beta test for the game. This will give players the opportunity to try out the game before it is released and provide valuable feedback.”

There were no dates mentioned, but it could be soon. The Day Before beta is being planned.