Is The Day Before Multiplayer or Co-op?

Find out what multiplayer co-op features The Day Before could bring us with our insights on horror MMO experience in an open world.

Despite being considered the most wishlisted game on Steam, there isn’t that much news in regards to The Day Before and its multiplayer features. We know it’s an MMO survival horror set in an open world. However, we haven’t quite gotten a good look at how multiplayer co-op plays out in the game.

Does The Day Before Have Multiplayer and Co-op?

Yes, The Day Before will have multiplayer where you can team up with other players in co-op play and fight against other players for resources in PVP. The game is set to be an MMO where you can explore the open world with friends in search of supplies you need to survive. Multiplayer is one of its main highlights.

It seems that The Day Before will have multiple suites of multiplayer game modes to choose from. Whether this means you can opt for a purely PVP co-op experience or allow for PVP where you’ll meet against other hostile players remains to be seen. We’ll tell you more once we get our hands on the early access release this December.

You’re also able to crossplay with PS5 and Xbox Series X|S players once the game is available on consoles. However this won’t be until the early access has ended which will only happen once the developers feel that the game is the best version it can be. Considering that some early access games can last for years, it’s likely that a crossplay multiplayer is still going to be sometime in the future.

Developers Fntastic did note that The Day Before is playable offline. Though expect that the multiplayer features will be severely limited without an online connection. There’s no news on The Day Before featuring a split-screen couch co-op, so it’s probably not going to happen.

The Day Before multiplayer

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding The Day Before, with many believing that the gameplay won’t be up to standard. Gameplay trailers that have been released recently haven’t done much to ease the skepticism of potential players looking to play the game. However, we’re hoping that The Day Before Multiplayer will be a fun enough experience that it’ll outweigh the flaws that come with it.

That covers everything you need to know about The Day Before’s multiplayer and co-op features. For more guides, news, and walkthroughs, feel free to check out our main page for The Day Before.