Therizinosaurus Jurassic World Evolution 2 Guide (2022)

A guide on how to unlock the Therizinosaurus 2022 skin in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

Jurassic World Evolution 2 Therizinosaurus cover

The Therizinosaurus is one of the features dinosaurs in the latest movie Jurassic World Dominion. Despite its raptor-like appearance, this specimen’s diet is mainly composed of plants. It’s theorized that it uses its huge claws as self defense against larger predators.

In this guide, we will talk about the Therizinosaurus and how to unlock the Therizinosaurus 2022 skin in Jurassic World Evolution 2.

How to unlock Therizinosaurus 2022 in Jurassic World Evolution 2

The Therizinosaurus 2022 skin is a cosmetic for the Therizinosaurus that is exclusive to the Dominion Biosyn Expansion of the game. Once you get the DLC for the base game, follow these steps to know how to unlock the skin.

Play the Dominion Campaign: Biosyn

You’ll have to play through the new Dominion Campaign and oversee the development of the Biosyn Sanctuary. As you go through the objectives, you will eventually complete the construction of the Main Research Compound’s stage 4 and you will be able to start doing the necessary research projects to get a Therizinosaurus.

Complete Research Projects towards Biosyn Genetics DNA 3

A lot of research has to be done in order to unlock the ability to extract and recreate the genome of a Therizinosaurus, so make sure that you always have the Research Facility going and pick the best Genetics Specialists that you can.

The Therizinosaurus is the third in line on the genetics research three, so in order to unlock the research, make sure to complete the first two genetics researches first. Doing so will unlock the Therizinosaurus dig sites in the Amber Mines.

Though highly territorial and armed with huge claws, Therizinosaurus are known to have a herbivorous diet.

Upgrade Amber Mine to Level 3

Upgrade your Amber mine to level 3 and you will be able to access the Therizinosaurus dig site. Digging amber up for this site requires a total of 5 Logistics points, so make sure that you have enough scientists with enough logistics points to complete the task.

Process the Ambers at the Fossil Center

Once you have collected amber with Therizinosaurus samples in it, send them over to the Fossil Center so that the Therizinosaurus genome can be extracted. You may need to do a couple of trips to the amber mine if you would like to get a 100% genome synthesis.

Hatch a Therizinosaurus egg at a Hatchery

Once you have created an enclosure and a hatchery for it, it’s time to hatch your very first Therizinosaurus. It is at this point that you can modify its genome first, and if you want to see the same one from Jurassic World Dominion, you can immediately select the Therizinosaurus 2022 skin. Synthesizing one will require 11 Genetics points, it will cost $1,073,125, and it will take 2:40 minutes.

You can then incubate the egg at a hatchery. Once it hatches, make sure to set up its enclosure based on its needs. It is classified as a herbivore so it would generally be okay to place it in an enclosure with other herbivores; just make sure to check its dislike list since it is highly territorial.

It uses its claws to prop itself while bending down to drink water.

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