Valheim: How to Defeat Bonemass Boss Fight Guide

Valheim Bonemass cover

Bonemass is the third boss that players can face in Valheim. It is an amalgamation of toxic sludge and bones of the creatures that it consumed. Because of its poison effect, unprepared players might find it hard to win against the battle of attrition.

Read on, and we will share some tips and tricks on how to easily defeat him in this Bonemass boss fight guide.

Valheim: How to Defeat Bonemass Boss Fight Guide

How to find and Summon Bonemass

To find Bonemass, you’ll have to find its vegvisir which is usually found within Sunken Crypts or near structures. Interacting with the vegvisir will reveal its summoning altar on the map.

Head over to the summoning altar while carrying 10 Withered bones. These bones can be obtained often through muddy scrap piles within the crypts. Upon placing the bones on the altar, Bonemass will appear and start attacking you.

How to prepare for the Bonemass boss fight

To prepare for Bonemass, it’s recommended to have the full iron armor to mitigate as much damage as possible.

Bonemass is weak against blunt and frost damage, but good frost weapons won’t be available until the next biome, so it’s best to go with the sledge for maximum damage against the boss and the adds it spawns.

Since you’ll be at melee range most of the time, it’s best to bring some poison resistance mead which will significantly lessen the poison effects if ever you get hit by the boss’ attacks. As always, it’s also best to bring enough food and healing meads for survival.

Next, it’s best to have the Rested effect to counter the Wet effect which deals a debuff towards both health and stamina regeneration.

An additional preparation before Bonemass, but not necessarily for its fight, is to fortify your base and construct indoor barns to protect your tamed animals. Once Bonemass has been defeated, flying enemies will start spawning within the map which can hunt down any tamed animals that are unprotected.

Bonemass Moves and Attacks

Bonemass has three main attacks:

  • Arm Swing – Bonemass swings its arms at you when you get in its melee range. This attack can deal poison damage, as well as it’s strong enough to fell trees and break rocks.
  • Sludge Bomb – It reaches into its armpit and throws sludge at a direction. From the sludge spawns either skeletons or blobs that will chase you down. Deal with them right away to lessen the sources of damage.
  • Sludge Vomit – It starts raising its head back then vomits on the ground, releasing a miasma of poison around itself that lingers for a few seconds. It’s best to move some distance away from the boss as soon as you see it about to throw up.

Bonemass Boss Rewards

Defeating Bonemass will give you these rewards:

  • Bonemass trophy
  • Wishbone

The Bonemass trophy can be hung on the Sacrificial stone to get the Bonemass Power. This power provides temporary resistance to blunt, slash, and pierce damage.

The Wishbone is an accessory that, when equipped, can detect hidden treasures nearby. It can help detect silver veins which will be the next ore needed to progress into the next biome.

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