WWE 2K22 Multiplayer – Crossplay, Cross-Platform, Cross-Gen and Co-Op

How to play with friends on WWE 2K22?

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Is WWE 2K22 crossplay? Since the latest major WWE game, WWE 2K20, was released in 2019, a lot has changed. Aside from the obvious worldwide items, multiplayer gaming has changed dramatically, with cross-play being virtually an anticipated addition for every new major release.

This time, there are a lot of interesting updates, new additions, and much more to make the game one for us to enjoy. Visual Concepts has redesigned the game engine, and it looks amazing, especially with the spectacular entrances and the return of General Manager mode.

A wrestling game that allows you to fight as player-created avatars requires a good multiplayer mode. While we can’t wait to start booking our own performances, you should be aware of the game’s multiplayer limitations.

Does WWE 2K22 Support Crossplay?

Sadly, there is just no online multiplayer cross-play in WWE 2K22 as PC cannot play with Xbox or PlayStation.

Nonetheless, because the game is cross-gen, you must be on the same platform as your friend in terms of playing against and with them. Matchmaking between PS4 and PS5 is possible, as is matchmaking between Xbox One and Series X/S owners. On Steam, PCs can only compete against one another.

It seems logical that PC players cannot compete with console players because they have a little advantage with a keyboard and mouse. WWE and 2K, on the other hand, should have allowed PS4 and Xbox One players to play together.

How to Play with Friends in WWE 2K22

To play with friends in WWE 2K22, a few multiplayer choices are available when you open the main menu. With up to four players, you and your friends may participate in a Royal Rumble and watch the mayhem unfold from the comfort of your own gaming space. Just make sure your controllers are connected, pick Play, then look for the match you want to participate in.

After logging into myFACTION, you’ll be able to create cross-platform community projects and earn 1500 credits that can be used towards the purchase of new Superstars, among other things. The good news is that it’s a simple procedure to complete and allows you to download new works from any platform, allowing you to compete against your friends.

For those who prefer to fight online, the WWE 2K22’s 8 Player Multiplayer mode lets you face off against both friends and randoms. You can also access the online mode from the Main Menu’s options, which are well-organized and simple to use. With the Custom Lobby feature, you’ll be able to invite your friends to join you in the fun.

WWE 2K22 Supports Cross-Platform Community Creations

Although there is no cross-platform play, players can download community creations from other platforms, which means that someone on PC can create a wrestler and someone on PlayStation or Xbox can download it.This applies to all types of creations, including pictures, custom belts, and more. This feature is automatically enabled, but you must also link a 2K account to share creations.

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Supported Community Creation Options

The following are all of the different types of community creations that can be uploaded and downloaded:

  • Images/custom renders
  • Arenas
  • CAWs (custom wrestlers)
  • MITB briefcases
  • Belts
  • Move-sets

These can only be shared with friends that do have a different console or PC. You can’t, however, play at the same time.

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