Zenless Zone Zero Billy Character Demo Revealed

Billy Kid makes his combat debut with a bang

Zenless Zone Zero Billy Character Demo Revelaed Featured Image

Hoyoverse has been quite busy lately with tons of updates for their present lineup of games. But there is one game in particular that fans are anticipating and that is Zenless Zone Zero. The game has been teasing numerous trailers lately and recently a new trailer was uploaded on their official YouTube channel and it features one of their iconic characters, Billy.

Zenless Zone Zero Billy Character Demo Trailer

In this new gameplay trailer, players can see how Billy fights in the new Hoyo game, Zenless Zone Zero. Wielding dual pistols, he can rapidly shoot enemies at high speed and can dodge his enemies’ attacks. As one of the members of the Cunning Hares, Billy can consider himself a handsome cyborg with a carefree attitude and is an avid fan of a hero show, Starlight Knights.

Not only do we see how Billy fights, but we can also see in this trailer another character who is also playable in the game and that is Anby, a female member of the Cunning Hares, performing combos with Billy to ensure the fight is brought to the end swiftly.

Zenless Zone Zero is set to be released in 2024 for Android, IOS, and PC (via Epic Games). For more Hoyoverse-related news, please check out the links below: