A Plague Tale Requiem – Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations

All Collectibles Locations in A Plague Tale: Requiem Chapter X - Bloodline

Wondering how to find all Chapter 10 Collectibles in A Plague Tale Requiem? Here, we’ll show you where to look for every hidden items and places you need to look out for as you travel to new regions, attempting to begin a new life and cure Hugo’s sickness.

Chapter X – Bloodline is Broken down into 7 sections: To the Round Tower, The Coast, Slavers, The Old Temple, Approaching the Fort, In the Courtyard, and The Chapel. Read on, and we’ll break down exactly when and where each collectible can be found, from start to finish.

A Plague Tale: Requiem All Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations

There are 2 types of collectibles you can obtain in A Plague Tale: Requiem: Hugo’s Collection/Herbarium and Souvenirs. If you missed a collectible, don’t fret. As you go through the narrative, “Chapter Selection” becomes available in the Main Menu. This means you can replay chapters whenever you want to, and complete your collection. In addition, they are carried over to New Game+.

As such, Chapter 10 – Bloodline contains 1 Souvenir and 1 Hugo’s Herbarium, which are as follows:

  • Hugo’s Herbarium 9 (Raven)
  • Souvenir 18 (A Rag Doll)
Hugo's Collection 9 (Raven) - A Plague Tale Requiem All Chapter 8 Collectibles Locations
Hugo’s Herbarium 9 (Raven)

Hugo’s Herbarium 9 (Raven)

This can be found in Section 3 – Slavers, shortly after you sneak past the guards and exit through another area by swinging the chain and breaking the door.

Now follow the main path until you come to a fork in the road; take the left path and descend to a cliff by the ocean. You’ll find the Raven’s feather lying on the ground near the edge of the cliff.

Souvenir 18 (A Rag Doll) - A Plague Tale Requiem All Chapter 10 Collectibles Locations
Souvenir 18 (A Rag Doll)

Souvenir 18 (A Rag Doll)

This can be found in Section 3 – Slavers, following your conversation with Hugo about killing people and making an apology to Sophia.

After going through the broken building, look to your left for a crossbow. Use it to open a pathway across and climb to the ledge, then go right. You’ll find this souvenir on the ground next to a tree with chains.

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