All Marvel’s Midnight Suns Characters

Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters give you a rich variety of heroes to assemble your dream team. From the mightiest heroes to more morally grey characters, you’ll have some notable names from the Marvel universe that will help you kick butt. Get to know some of the iconic heroes and anti-heroes you get to play in the game.

What Playable Marvel Characters are in Midnight Suns?

Here are all the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters you can play as:

  • Blade
  • Captain America
  • Captain Marvel
  • Deadpool [DLC]
  • Doctor Strange
  • Ghost Rider
  • Hulk
  • The Hunter
  • Iron Man
  • Magik
  • Morbius [DLC]
  • Nico Minoru
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Storm [DLC]
  • Spider-Man
  • Wolverine
  • Venom [DLC]


Blade is the sole person in the Marvel franchise who can make the claim to be the greatest vampire slayer who ever lived. If you find yourself having problems with the blood sucking undead, there is no better vampire hunter to call than the katana wielding Blade who protects the streets from the dangers of the night.

Gameplay wise, Blade specializes in inflicting bleeding damage to foes which is good for making them continuously lose health every turn. With an arsenal of bladed weapons and firearms, Blade is more than a match for other supernatural foes besides just vampires.

Captain America

Captain America is arguably the most iconic face in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters list. Being the embodiment of the righteousness of American ideals, Captain America usually plays a key figure in every important Marvel event to date. Wherever evil lurks to prey on the innocent, Steve Rogers and his impenetrable shield will be there to protect and serve.

In gameplay, much of Captain America’s moveset revolves around his shield. There are some attacks on his arsenal that consume a degree of his Block meter which allows him to inflict extra damage at the cost of becoming more vulnerable. He can be considered a tank, since there are a few of his cards that draws attention to him while ignoring his allies.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel is a cosmic powerhouse who has long since been regarded as one of the most powerful entities in the Marvel franchise. While she isn’t normally a part of the Midnight Sons usually, the threat of Lilith is enough to warrant her attention. And you’ll be glad to have her on your side, considering that Lilith is powerful enough to take on a direct punch from Captain Marvel without flinching.

Enemies better beware when damaging Captain Marvel as her ability to retaliate anyone who hurts her has a chance of triggering. She can be a pretty risky character to play as she’s able to sacrifices her Block meter for a massive focused attack on one target.


Deadpool is by far the most eccentric character in the Marvel franchise. When you have some semblance of self awareness that you’re in the Marvel universe, you might be tempted to have some fun like Wade Wilson as well. Deadpool’s most notable power is his regeneration which could be considered better than Wolverine’s, however his best remains his ability to break the fourth wall. Just look at the Marvel’s Midnight Suns Video Features Deadpool Campaigning for his Admittance and see just how crazy he gets.

Since Deadpool is a DLC character, we don’t know much about what he can do yet.

Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange is one of the most renowned sorcerers in the Marvel universe. Having access to a variety of Mystic Arts has helped Stephen Strange prevent several tragedies that would otherwise befall the mortal world. This isn’t the first time the good doctor went toe-to-toe against supernatural threats.

Specializing as a support hero, Doctor Strange has the ability to heal, buff, and grant benefits to his allies with his presence. He can also debuff foes which make it easier for his team to take them out. This doesn’t mean that Doctor Strange doesn’t have any access to offensive abilities with his Seven Suns of Cinnibus scorching foes in a targeted area.

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider has once existed to do the bidding of Mephisto, but the Spirit of Vengeance broke free to punish evil doers on his own terms. However this particular iteration of Ghost Rider isn’t Johnny Blaze, but his successor, Robbie Reyes who uses a car instead of a motorcycle. What better way to fight demons than a hero who spawned from their works instead.

There’s a bit of risk involved when playing as Ghost Rider as some of his cards often consume his health in return. He can deal a lot of damage to targets at the cost of taking himself. Still if he defeats enough enemies, he gets access to a life drain card which allows him to steal health from enemies in an area. Definitely one of the heroes you always want to be on the offensive.


Hulk is strong, powerful, and capable of ending the world as we know it. The sheer destructive force of Hulk, which he derives from his anger, makes him able to destroy cities in a heartbeat. And unfortunately, when we see him the Hulk is brainwashed and under control of the main antagonist of the game.

Since Hulk is a DLC character, we don’t know much of what he can do at the moment.

The Hunter

The Hunter isn’t from any known Marvel titles, but a new face introduced for the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters roster. They are the main protagonist of the game who is also the child of the main villain. The Hunter once gave their life to stop the evil of Lilith, but had to rise up again from the dead once their mother re-emerged as a threat.

You are freely able to customize The Hunter and can choose for them to be either gender. They have access to some pretty powerful cards which lets them deal a lot of damage with little to no drawbacks.

Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the key figures in the Avengers and not usually someone you’d see with the Midnight Sons. Despite being just a human compared to the others in the Marvel Midnight Suns characters roster, the genius mind of Tony Stark has built many gadgets that put him well above even demonic foes.

In combat, Iron Man can gain additional benefits from redrawing the cards in his deck. He gets powered up from this and gets some extra damage.


Magik is a mutant sorceress who is a member of the X-Men. Despite not being one of the more well known names in the Marvel franchise, she is certainly a powerhouse thanks to her seemingly unlimited access to a demonic realm called Limbo. Her real name is Illyana Rasputina and her experience against demonic foes makes her an asset against the game’s main antagonist.

Don’t underestimate what Magik can do for you in combat, as she is capable of a one-hit kill move that pushes enemies beyond the realms of the mortal world. She can open portals from Limbo either defensively or offensively.


Morbius is a name that may have been tainted thanks to the critical reception of Jared Leto’s performance. Despite the memes online, Morbius is a vampire powerhouse and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. While no one knows how he’ll get along with the vampire hunter blade, this is one vampire that actually uses his undead powers for good.

Since Morbius is a DLC character, not much of his gameplay abilities are known as of yet.

Nico Minoru

Nico Minoru proves that there are no shortage of magic based Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters in the roster. Despite being generally untrained, her Staff of One gives her a lot of options to deal with supernatural threats. Make no mistake, Nico is a dangerous sorceress even when compared to Doctor Strange or Magik.

A lot of what Nico Minoru can do can be a gamble since her cards have a property called Roulette. This means that her cards will do something random each time they’re pulled. So you may have access to an incredibly powerful spell if you’re willing to risk it.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is a divisive model in the Marvel community as she often sits in the gray area of morality. Despite this, there’s no better ally to have against Lilith who can withstand attacks from both Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel. She can be a force to reckon with when unleashed.

A lot of Scarlet Witch’s usefulness in combat revolves around on her ability to debuff enemies. She’s able to charm them into attacking each other and even force herself to explode taking out others with her if the situation is desperate enough.


Storm is a member of the X-Men who can control the weather. A powerful mutant in her own right, she is one of the most prominent members of Charles Xavier’s academy. With her ability to call nature itself to her side, she makes a key ally in stopping the supernatural threat in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

Since Storm is a DLC character, we have yet to see what she can do in combat.


Spider-Man is everyone’s favorite friendly neighborhood hero. As one of the smartest heroes in the Marvel universe, Peter is more than just his spider powers being able to build gadgets himself against tough opponents. There’s no one better to have your back than the Spider-Man even against supernatural foes.

A lot of Spider-Man’s moveset relies on being a trickster. He can web foes and slam them against each other. Spider-Man is able to use the environment to his advantage which even give him bonus benefits.


Wolverine is one of the toughest heroes to put down in the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters roster. Logan is well known for his healing factor which makes him almost impossible to kill. And he’s the most iconic face of the X-Men cast thanks to the sheer destructive force of his powers.

Gameplay wise, Wolverine takes full advantage of his hyper regenerative abilities. He can even revive himself once if he’s knocked out. Wolverine can be a berserker in the field as he slices up enemies with his adamantium claws while he regenerates per redraw.


Venom is the arch enemy of Spider-Man and is actually a boss fight in the game. We aren’t sure how he comes to join the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters roster but he’s at least a formidable and powerful ally. That is, if you decide to get the DLC.

Since Venom is a DLC character, we aren’t sure yet what he can do in combat.

Who Is the Villain in Marvel’s Midnight Suns?

The main villain of Marvel’s Midnight Suns is Lilith, an incredibly powerful adversary who is considered to be Mother of All Demons. She once used to be human who made a deal with a demonic entity to save the life of her child in exchange for her soul which turned her into a demon herself. Lilith has the command of a demonic army that puts the human world at stake.

Lilith is also the mother of The Hunter, the main player character of Marvel’s Midnight Suns. And the two are constantly at odds. Lilith is able to brainwash heroes to her side and can withstand powerful cosmic punches from Captain Marvel without even being fazed.

Those are all the Marvel’s Midnight Suns characters in the game. We hope this article was informative. For more on Marvel’s Midnight Suns, you’re already in the right place. Here are some related content that you may be interested in:

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