Alone in the Dark: Chapter 4 Walkthrough Emily’s Playthrough

Alone in the Dark Chapter 4 Emily cover

Alone in the Dark Chapter 4 follows the story of Emily and Edward as they follow the lead to find Jeremy and convince him to return back to the real world. As Emily finds out more about the things that Jeremy got into, she herself is starting to second guess if she is also falling into madness. Read ahead as we go through Chapter 4 of Alone in the Dark and share some tips, puzzle solutions and collectible locations.

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As the chapter starts, you find yourself on the floor of Derceto’s attic and Edward comes over to find you. After your talk, you continue your search for answers.

It is from this point that the events will split off and differ depending on which character you are playing. This guide will be going through Emily’s playthrough as she goes through the events related to her trauma.

Take a look at the Dark Man’s Contract

You will immediately receive the Clue – The Dark Man’s Contract coming off from the previous cutscene. Look the clue and pay attention to the glyphs and number on it; 9-1-3 is the code for the safe at the clerk’s office. Afterwards, you will unlock the Where I Belong Achievement.

Break into Dr. Gray’s office and find out what he knows

Make your way down the stairs and take the door at the first floor. You will see the two orderlies pass by and talk to each other. After the cutscene, go through the door that leads to the dining room which is almost covered with rot by now.

Go through the other door into the servant’s stairs and check by the restroom again as you will find the Lagniappe – Broken Spectacles on it.

Check inside Lottie’s room again where you will find the Clue – Preparations for St. John’s on the desk.

Next, go inside the library to find the Clue – Lunacy & The Astarte Artists’ Colony on the bookshelf.

Continue into the small parlor and check at the chair at the corner of the room to find the Lagniappe – Opera Playbill.

Go to the conservatory and go to the door leading to the laundry room to find the Clue – Keep Our Secrets.

Go out to the kitchen garden and climb the ladder to get back up to the piazza, then continue into the stair hall.

Open up the safe inside the Clerk’s Office

Make your way into Dr. Gray’s office through the reception room, then go into the treatment room where you will find the Lagniappe – The Flying Dutchman by the patient’s couch.

Go inside the clerk’s office and check the safe. To open this safe, turn the dial counterclockwise to 9 (IX), then turn the dial clockwise to 1 (I), and lastly turn the dial counterclockwise all the way around to 3 (III). Once opened, you will get Dr. Gray’s Office Key. You will also get the Clue – The Empty Room.

With the key on hand, go inside Dr. Gray’s office. Inspect the typewrite on the desk to find the Clue – Jeremy’s Treatment. Check the drawer nearby to get the Stairwell Key.

Finally, check the cabinet on the wall to find the Clue – Cassandra’s Things, and the France key.

Go up to the sitting room to see a cutscene with MacCarfey and Grace, with Grace creating a mask that Emily appears to recognize. Out of nowhere, Grace slaps Emily and pours MacCarfey’s drink all over his face. After Grace leaves, you will find the 1st Floor Hall Key on the floor. Make sure to check on MacCarfey who is still on the floor.

Next, go inside Cassandra’s room and inspect her typewriter to find the Clue – Cassandra’s Last Page. Inside the page is where you can find the code for the safe in the clerk’s office: 9-1-3.

Make sure to inspect the case near the door to find the Lagniappe – Movie Script.

Go back to the sitting room and use the France key on the globe to get the Lagniappe – Map of Caribbean.

Take a look inside the Empty Room

Before going down to the empty room, go to Jeremy’s room to find the To Detective Carnby letter written by Jeremy.

Next, head into Batiste’s room and check the note on his bed to find the Clue – Trust Me.

Then finally, skip Perosi’s room as it is locked and head into the mezzanine. Go through the other door towards the hall near Dr. Gray’s apartment, then unlock the door that leads back to the hall you were in.

Head to the first floor and open the door leading to the first floor hall. You’ll see that the Dark Man has just exited room #3 or the empty room before disappearing.

Before heading into the empty room, check out MacCarfey’s room first. Check the item on the trunk to find the Clue – Moment of Clarity.

Check Ruth’s room to find the Lagniappe – War Photo on the drawers.

You can then inspect Ruth’s Camera which is missing a bulb. Check the lamp nearby to find the Clue – Henry Cassel’s Zoetrope.

Before heading into the empty room, go into the grand parlor first to find that it’s still the Maccabean. Inside the bar is where you will find the Lagniappe – Jangling Shaker.

Read the writing on the wall

Go inside the empty room were you will find the Lagniappe – Ashes of Indigo. This is the last item to complete the Unspeakable Cults Lagniappes set.

Next, inspect the wall with the writings and peel off the wallpaper to reveal the rest of the writings. One of the writings is a clue to opening the safe nearby.

To get the code for the safe, look into Emily’s engagement ring in the Investigation tab to find out that the missing number denoted by the X’s are 9-1-8.

Go to the safe and twist the dial in this order: counterclockwise to 9, clockwise to 1, then counterclockwise to 8. Once done, you will get the Flash Bulb and the Clue – To Emily.

Try out Ruth’s camera

Inspect Ruth’s camera inside her room and place the flash bulb on it. Upon using it, you will be transported into the trenches in the middle of a battlefield.

Find your fiancé

Make your way through the trenches and the bunkers until you spot a moundbeast patrolling your path up ahead.

To get past the moundbeast, sneak and hide behind the cover on the side of the trenches and wait for the enemy to walk past. Continue sneaking through until you get past the patrolled path.

Eventually, you will find a gap that you can squeeze through which leads to the upper area of the battlefield. Be careful as there is an enemy in this area.

Continue down the path until you have to go back down the trenches. There is another moundbeast patrolling around this area. Sneak past and make your way back into another bunker. Then, follow the sign that leads to the medical area.

You will be back out of the bunker near a burning plane. Another moundbeast patrols the area nearby. Wait for the enemy to pass, then take the path to the right while looking for a barricade you can break.

Next, look for a gap that you can squeeze through under the burning plane, then continue down the next gaps until you get back to a bunker. A moundebeast will be chasing you down the corridor and the exit is locked. Let the moundbeast pounce on you near the door and it will open up the path ahead.

The scene up ahead is frozen in time. Head towards the explosion to find Emily’s fiancé.

Find out where you are

After the cutscene, you will find yourself transported into a dark flooded area. Make your way to the next area that has a fuse box on the wall.

To solve the fuse box puzzle, simply pull on switch #2 and all switches will point down, lighting up the room.

You will then be able to see and interact with the objects inside the room. Look for the Derceto Entombment Plans A and Derceto Entombment Plans B on the shelf and file cabinet, respectively.

You can also find the Lagniappe – Box of Biscuits on the corner of the room, on top of a desk inside the Old Archives. There is also the Clue – Closing the Refuge inside the drawer of this desk.

Once you have both plans on hand, go to the blueprint on the table and lay them all out.

Find a flaw in the Derceto Entombment Plans to get out

To solve the blueprint puzzle, you will have to place each plan on the right spot and orientation on top of the blueprint. Each plan has a name and is intended for specific areas of the infirmary, so simply match their positions on the blueprint, along with the orientations of the rooms.

The positions of the plans, from left to right, top to bottom, are as follows:

  1. Folder
  2. Foyer
  3. Archives
  4. Surgery
  5. Laboratory
  6. Morgue top-bottom pathways
  7. Quarantine
  8. Repository
  9. Morgue corner room

After solving the puzzle, another cutscene will play where Emily discovers where her fiancé’s body has been stored. After a short while, the Dark Man appears and tosses over The Truth key to Emily for her escape. You will also unlock the I Abandoned Him Achievement for completing this scene.

Before leaving, make sure to check John’s corpse again to find the Lagniappe – Toe Tag, which will be the final item to complete the Dying with Dignity Lagniappes set.

Go back to the locked door near the starting area and use the key to open it. You will then be able to get back to the Derceto’s infirmary.

Look for Jeremy’s X-ray plates in the infirmary

From the main door of the infirmary is where you can find the Lagniappe – Scapegoat.

As you go deeper into the infirmary, the lights will suddenly turn off and screams can be heard in the other rooms.

The first two doors that you’ll pass by will need a key to be unlocked. Go to the laboratory first to find the Clue – Radiography Notes and the Clue – If All Else Fails, both of which are talking about Jeremy’s head.

Inside the smaller room is where you can find the Radiograph #2 which is one of the plates showing the x-ray of Jeremy’s head.

You can also find the Surgery Room Key on the table, and the Electrical Fuse on the other table. There’s a circuit box nearby, but it needs one more working fuse.

Turn on the electricity first to study the X-ray plates

Go into the quarantine room across the hall. As you pick up the Radiograph #1, the room will change with bloody piles of corpses all around before returning back to normal.

Then go to the surgery room and inspect the glowing object on the ground to get another Electrical Fuse.

Head back to the circuit box and place the fuses in their sockets. Afterwards, pull these switches in this order to make them all go down: 1-4-2. Once done, the lights should turn back on and you will be able to examine the x-ray plates.

Check the board where the plates are placed, and use only these three plates to rebuild Jeremy’s head x-ray: the two plates on the top row, and the rightmost plate on the second row. Rearrange them so that the plate with the note is on the bottom, while the other two make up the two halves up top.

Once arranged properly, the plates will glow and give you Jeremy’s Darkness.

Find the rest of Jeremy’s statuette

As you exit the infirmary, you will find that the stairwell has changed. Water has also started gushing from the outside in. Climb the stairwell all the way to the top as quickly as possible to avoid getting drowned. Use your melee weapon to bash the obstacles blocking your path.

You will find yourself back at the attic and the stairwell will be back to normal.

Inside the attic, go to the southwest corner to find the Lagniappe – Tessellated Shard on a table.

Rebuild the broken statuette

Look for the box under the light and inspect it. It will open up revealing pieces of a chthonian statuette and some numbers written on the panels of the box 6-4-1.

Use Jeremy’s Darkness to add to the pieces, and then rearrange the pieces to rebuild the statuette which resembles a worm.

Use the Talisman to open up Jeremy’s mind

Inspect the statuette again and put in 6-4-1 as the code on the talisman. Afterwards, turn around to see that you can now jump into the hole to reach the Steamboat.

Look for Jeremy

Inside the steamboat, you will hear Jeremy’s voice crying out for help. Go through the door and take the path to the right.

Into the next room, you will encounter a new type of enemy that jumps and latches on to your head. Kill the enemy and continue down the path. You will see a mark by the chair, but you have to go to the upper deck to get to it.

Look for the stairs at the end of the steamboat and take the stairs going down for now. Head towards the red door and you will find the Lagniappe – Broken Compass on top of a crate.

Go up the upper decks and look for the bell. Near the bell is a hole that you can drop into, then go through the door where you can finally obtain the Lagniappe – Pallid Mask.

Release the steamboat from the bayou and return it to the river

At the upper deck, make your way to the wheelhouse on the other side of the boat. You will notice that this wheelhouse is a bit broken, so hit it a few times with your melee weapon to get access inside.

Climb down the roots and squeeze through the gap to reach the engine room.

Check the crate to find an Empty Gas Can that you will use to fill up the Power Generator nearby. Then turn the valve wheel to shut off the steam and get through the path.

Go to the fuel tank and use it to fill up the gas can with fuel to get the Filled Gas Can. Then, go back to the power generator and fill it up with fuel before turning the electricity back on.

Climb back up to the upper decks and prepare to engage with the enemies as they get awoken by the sounds of the steamboat. Make your way to the life boat and lower yourself down into the lower decks.

Interact with the control panel on the engine and the whole steamboat will start to lower down. A cutscene will then play as you try to escape and jump into what appears to be the treatment room back at Derceto.

You try to call out the attention of Jeremy and Dr. Gray only to find that you’re only shouting at the doctor and you’re back in the real world. After the cutscene, you will unlock the When Therapy Makes It Worse Achievement.

Pay Dr. Gray a visit in his apartment

Make your way to the second floor and go through the servant’s staircase. Check the door to Dr. Gray’s apartment to find the Lagniappe – Do Not Disturb.

Help Detective Carnby look for clues

Go inside the apartment where you will find your partner and unlock The Past as a Present Achievement. Make sure to talk to your partner first for a conversation.

Check the desk to find the False Book which you can then place on the bookshelf to reveal a hidden door.

Before going through the door, look at the floor behind you to find the Lagniappe – Toy Talisman.

In the doctor’s bedroom, talk to your partner again for a conversation. Then check the chest by the foot of the bed to find the Clue – First Meeting – Transcript.

Check the chair on the corner to find the Clue – The Snake Dagger.

Go to the smaller room in the middle and inspect the sheet to find the Furniture Key stuck on to the side of the cabinet.

Use the key to open the closet in the bedroom. Afterwards, go back tot he study where you will hear the phone ringing. Answer it to hear someone saying that Jeremy is now with the Dark Man.

Investigate the broken clock

Check the clock near the map to see that the talisman fits on it. Refer to the markings on the floor inside the bedroom to find out the right orientation of the talisman. With the notch of the big dial at the very top and the other smaller dials’ notches pointing downwards, the code for this talisman is 0-0-0.

Enter the gate to another world

Go back to the bedroom where your partner will talk to you again. You try to convince your partner that the closet is now leading to someplace else, but only you can see it, so you head into the closet alone.

You will then arrive inside a ship in the Coast of Greenland. Head outside where you will find a camp and unlock the Frenzy Achievement.

Flare Gun - Alone in the Dark 2024 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Go to the bonfire and grab the Flare Gun and some Flares.

Lagniappe - Sallow Offering - Alone in the Dark 2024 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

Check the tent nearby to find the Lagniappe – Sallow Offering at the top of its entrance.

Check the document near the tent to find the Clue – The Greenland Expedition.

Light your way forward

Shoot your flare gun towards the blizzard get some light, then keep moving forward until you see a waypoint. You can then light the lamp to help with your navigation.

Keep moving forward until you reach the third waypoint, then turn left where you can climb up a slope that leads towards a strange structure.

Investigate the ruins

Near the middle of the strange structure is a man who turns out to be Jacob, the same person mentioned in the latest notes. Jacob will become hostile, so attack him until he dies.

Enter the Stellarium / Align the stars

Go up the Stellarium and use the sacrificial dagger on the small pedestal to pry it open, revealing a slot where you can place the talisman on.

Align the stars - Alone in the Dark 2024 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

You will then have to rotate the discs so that you will form the constellation of Taurus, with you at the top-right side of the screen or when all of the lines on the discs glow blue.

The entire Stellarium will crumble and you will be shown that Jacob is still alive and has turned into a monstrosity.

Kill Jacob van Ostadte

Kill Jacob van Ostadte - Alone in the Dark 2024 Chapter 4 Walkthrough

You will then have a boss fight against Jacob, complete with a health bar this time. Attack Jacob with everything that you got and pay attention when he falls down. When he is down, go towards him to stab the sacrificial dagger and inflict huge damage. Be careful as he has wide range thanks to his elongated arms which can hurt a lot.

After stabbing Jacob’s eye, Emily will falls through the different places she has been to and ends up back at Derceto. As she looks at Jacob, she finds out that she actually stabbed Jeremy in the eye.

The Dark Man then appears and chases Emily, but Emily decides to confront him. Realizing that the Hartwood curse has now been transferred to her, Emily decides to end her life, but the orderlies stop her and sedate her.