Alone in the Dark: All Safe Codes and Combinations

Here are all the codes and combinations to open every safe in Alone in the Dark (2024).

Alone in the Dark All Safe Codes and Combinations

Alone in the Dark (2024) features several safes with dial combinations that unlock clues, key items, and lagniappes. Each safe will always have a three-digit code combination, but the clues can either be hard to find or a bit of a challenge to decipher.

Opening all safes and locks will earn you the “You Can’t Keep Me Out!” Trophy, and if you’re stuck trying to figure out the combination for a particular safe in Derceto Manor, we’ve got you covered.

How to open Dial Safes in Alone in the Dark

To unlock a safe in Alone in the Dark, you will have to dial a three-digit combination. The dial pointer will always start at 12, so start by going left for the first number, then go right for the second number, and go left again for the last number. If the code is 716, for example, you would turn to the left to get 7, then right to get 1, and then left again to get 6.

Make sure you reached the exact number without going over it. Once you get the combination right, the safe will automatically open.

All Safe Codes and Combinations in Alone in the Dark

There are three safe codes we’ve encountered so far while playing both Emily and Edward. They can be unlocked early during your playthrough given that you have access to the safe.

Safe #1: Clerk’s Office

Safe #1 Clerk's Office - Alone in the Dark All Safe Codes and Combinations

The combination for the safe inside the Clerk’s Office is 913.

The objective to open the safe inside the clerk’s office along with the clue will be available once you reach Chapter 4. Once you’ve made it back to Derceto Manor from the temple, go to the second floor and check Cassandra’s room. There, you’ll see the clue labeled “Cassandra’s Last Page,” which contains the three-digit combination for the safe.

Opening the safe during Chapter 4 will earn you “Dr. Gray’s Office Key” and “The Empty Room” clue. However, opening the safe prior to Chapter 4 will earn you one Lagniappe from “The Hartwood Curse Set.”

Safe #2: Pregzt Shipping Company

Safe #2 Pregzt Shipping Company - Alone in the Dark All Safe Codes and Combinations

The combination for the safe inside the Pregzt Shipping Company office is 454.

The safe and the three-digit clue called “All His Things” can be found inside the office of Pregzt Shipping Company in Chapter 3. The clue reads, “What is Left, Later is Right, and Hell is Back Again.” To solve it, we need to count the letters in the words and the corresponding directions; this gives us 454. You can get to 4 by rotating to the left, 5 by rotating to the right, and 4 again by rotating to the left. Opening it will bring up a document named “Cargo Manifest.”

Safe #3: Empty Room

Safe #3 Empty Room - Alone in the Dark All Safe Codes and Combinations

The combination for the safe in the Empty Room are as follows:

  • If you play as Emily: 918 (Emily Hartwood’s Engagement Ring)
  • If you play as Edward: 692 (Edward Carnby’s License No.)

Along with the objectives and key items you’ll obtain in Chapter 4, you’ll also unlock the empty room. Reading the wall markings will give you the first clue to open the safe. These clues lead you to the default items you already have in the Investigation Tab. The license number is Edward Carnby’s safe code clue, and the engagement ring is Emily Hartwood’s.

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