Asterigos Curse of the Stars Limit-Breaking – How to Complete a Round with Level 20 or Lower

Learn how to get one of the hardest achievements in Asterigos Curse of The Stars.

Asterigos Curse of The Stars Limit-Breaking

Asterigos Curse of the Stars require players to go above and beyond the basics as they attempt to collect the Limit-Breaking trophy achievement. Considering that challenges are one of the most satisfying things to accomplish in RPG games, there’s no doubt that Asterigos has such a feature and players are trying hard to overcome such difficulty.

The description on how to get the Limit-Breaking achievement is quite tricky especially for beginners but don’t fret, this guide will cover how you can complete a round with players starting at level 20 or Lower, along with some tips to earn it easily, so read on.

How to Unlock the Limit-Breaking Achievement in Asterigos Curse of the Stars?

For those who are aiming to achieve Platinum in their playthrough, there is an achievement known as Limit-breaking which requires players to Complete a Round of Game With Level 20 or Lower.

Now, for beginners, the term Round is technically the number of times you will complete the whole story of the game. So It’s advised for players to do a new game plus in order to achieve this feat.

Getting the Limit-Breaking Achievement - Asterigos Curse of the Stars

Getting the Limit-Breaking Achievement

Once players have started a new game plus, they will need a certain item like the Eye of the Abyss Amulet, along with some few things to keep in mind in order to complete an entire game being Level 20 or Lower.

Eye of the Abyss Amulet

Players will be required to get a certain item known as the Eye of The Abyss Amulet. This item will be required for it will halt the player’s EXP gain when it is equipped.

Asterigos Curse of the Stars Limit-Breaking - Eye of the Abyss Amulet
Location of the chest

To find this particular item, head to the shelter and look for Bion. From there, go down the stairs to the sewers. Head deeper and there will be a chest that contains two items, the Eye of the Abyss Amulet and the Calamity Ring. Normally, these two trinkets possess the ability to halt the experience gained by a player but it is recommended not to use the Calamity Ring since it possesses a trait that gives -30 on all resistance, physical and magical.

Story Progression

Now when completing the story, it is recommended for players to do the Story Difficulty if players want to achieve the Limit Breaking. This difficulty is very easy and will be able to overcome boss fights and other obstacles when your level is low.

Asterigos Curse of the Stars Limit-Breaking: Story Difficulty
Story Difficulty

But if players want to upgrade their stats without leveling up past 20, they will need an item known as the Morning Star Elixir. This item permanently grants players an additional Attribute Point. To get this item, players are required to look for a small blue rabbit creature that is scattered around the different areas of the game. Once you get to defeat it, it will instantly drop the Elixir and you will be all set.

Once you have done all these steps, earning the achievement, Limit Breaking will be no problem whatsoever for many.

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