Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapon

With the game encouraging you to get up close and personal with deadly robots and mutant foes, looking for the Atomic Heart best melee weapon is a matter of getting its blueprint. There’s a chunk of decent melee weapons in the game but one stands out as a beast to use in combat.

Just what is the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart and how do you get the blueprint to craft it?

What is the Best Melee Weapon in Atomic Heart?

The best melee weapon in Atomic Heart would have to be the Zvezdochka with its heavy damage taking down the toughest foes in a few swings. Very few melee weapons in the game come close to its destructive power with the Zvezdochka only be comparable to guns.

A fully upgraded Zvezdochka is a monster for any foe, robot or mutant, and can even be used as a ranged weapon. Thanks to an upgrade that gives it an alt fire that shoots out saw blades like a boomerang without any consumption of ammo which means that even foes aren’t safe from you at a distance.

To get the Zvezdochka in Atomic Heart, you need to first find its blueprint. The problem is that there’s no specific area where you can find it as blueprint locations with the exception of a certain few are randomly placed in boxes around the Atomic Heart open world.

You’re going to want to immediately start looking for the Zvezdochka, especially in harder difficulties. As the best melee weapon in Atomic Heart it can get you a long way in tough fights. The only downside is that it costs more resources to make this weapon than any other combined.

Once you have sufficient resources, you can craft Zvezdochka at any NORA crafting station.

That’s the Atomic Heart Best Melee Weapon in the game. We hope this helped you make P-3 become even deadlier.