Atomic Heart Characters List

A complete list of the characters you'll meet in Atomic Heart.

The Atomic Heart characters are the driving force between the plot of the game. With every machine turning mad and killing every human in sight, it makes those with a personality all that more noticeable. Here’s the full list of characters you’ll meet in Atomic Heart.

All Atomic Heart Characters

Here are the characters and what role they play in Atomic Heart:

  • P-3
  • Charles
  • Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov
  • Larisa Filatova
  • Zinaida Muravyova
  • Molotov
  • Michael Stockhausen
  • Petrov Victor Sergeevich
  • The Twins
P-3 - Atomic Heart Character


Major Sergey Nechaev, aka P-3, is the main protagonist of Atomic Heart. This special government agent is one of the best the Russian government can offer, and he’s been augmented to enhance his abilities. P-3 is very distrustful of machines and is eager to dive into the truth of the madness behind Facility 3826.

Charles - Atomic Heart Character


Charles is the artificial intelligence built into P-3’s polymer power glove. He acts as P-3’s companion from the start of the game and provides background information on the locations, enemies, and facilities that you’ll come across in the game.

Dmitriy Sergeevich - Atomic Heart Character

Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov

Dr. Dmitriy Sergeevich Sechenov is responsible for the creation of polymer, a powerful substance that helped turn the war in Russia’s favor. He also developed the Kollektiv neural network, which runs the AI of many of the machines in Atomic Heart. Unfortunately, the launch of Kollektiv 2.0 has been sabotaged, turning the machines of Facility 3826, which forces him to turn to P-3 to restore things to order.

Larisa Filatova - Atomic Heart Character

Larisa Filatova

Dr. Larisa Filatova is a brilliant neurosurgeon who works for the Academy of Consequences. She’s a bit at odds with the upper management in Facility 3826 due to her free-thinking spirit and often disobeys direct orders from them. Despite this, Dr. Filatova works to integrate Kollektiv 2.0 between humans and robots.

Zinaida Muravyova - Atomic Heart Character

Zinaida Muravyova

Zinaida Muravyova is tougher than she looks, as she is a lieutenant colonel and the former communications officer for Facility 3826. She used to be part of Sechenov’s inner circle, which gave her extensive knowledge of the ins and outs of the facility, including its secret systems. The locals seem to regard her as a living landmark; she is most commonly referred to as Granny Zina.

Molotov - Atomic Heart Character


Molotov is a high ranking official of the Politburo who comes to Facility 3826 to interrogate Dr. Sechenov about the malfunctions of his machines. He comes off as strict and antagonistic, but considering that Kollektiv 2.0 has cost lives, it’s not hard to see where he’s coming from.

Michael Stockhausen - Atomic Heart Character

Michael Stockhausen

A German scientist who turned to the USSR after the war for opportunity and in search of knowledge Despite not being a native, he’s well regarded for his scientific and organizational contributions, which gave him an alarmingly quick ascent through his career. He is ultimately recruited to Facility 3826 and has earned Dr. Sechenov’s respect.

Petrov Victor Sergeevich - Atomic Heart Character

Petrov Victor Sergeevich

Petrov Victor Sergeevich is a skilled programmer, engineer, and scientist whose talents landed him a high position in Facility 3826. He became head of the Robotics Laboratory and takes a leading role in the development of Kollektiv 2.0, working closely with Dr. Filatova to see it through.

The Twins - Atomic Heart Character

The Twins

The Twins, known as Left and Right, are the personal assistants of Dr. Sechenov and his bodyguards. These delicate ballerina machines are over 8 feet tall, extremely agile, and can pin down even a fully grown man to the ground. The one without clothing is on the left, and the one wearing the yellow bolero jacket is on the right.

Those are all the Atomic Heart characters in the game and the role they play. We hope you’ll get to know them as Atomic Heart is available now for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.