Atomic Heart DLC: Everything We Know

Even before its release, developers Mundfish have already announced plans for an Atomic Heart DLC. Those who want to see more that Atomic Heart has to offer can be excited about the downloadable content that’s coming our way. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Atomic Heart DLC.

What is the Atomic Heart DLC about?

We know that the Atomic Heart DLC will be a story focused single-player expansion. The DLC will give players new territories, puzzles, enemies, and quests away from the main story quest.

Game director Robert Bagratuni revealed their plans about the four DLC packs that was previously planned for the game. Unfortunately, the Atomic Heart multiplayer is still canned with no future plans to include it. The upcoming Atomic Heart DLC does however add new complex and labs that will shed some more light about the alternate 1955 Soviet. Though whether this will still take place in Facility 3826 or somewhere else has yet to be revealed.

Mundfish had to make a lot of concessions during Atomic Heart’s lengthy development period. Because of this, they had to remove plans for the multiplayer segment but thankfully they were able to keep their additional plans for a single player Atomic Heart DLC.

What is the Atomic Heart DLC about?

There are currently four DLCs being planned for Atomic Heart post launch. Each of them are single player, narrative focused experiences. We don’t know how much these will cost or when exactly they will release.

We enjoyed the main content of Atomic Heart and this DLC is surely an added welcome. We’ll just have to wait for more information from developers Mundfish to shed some light on what they have planned for Atomic Heart.

That’s everything we know about the Atomic Heart DLC.