Atomic Heart Coop & Multiplayer: Can you play with friends?

If you're excited to play Atomic Heart with friends, you may be up for a lonely experience.

You may be looking to try out the Atomic Heart coop multiplayer. After a long time in development, Mundfish is finally set to release the game this February 21, 2023. Now’s the time to ask if you can explore the alternate reality of the Soviet Union in the 1950’s with a friend.

Read on, and this guide will show you if Atomic Heart has coop & multiplayer, answering any questions you might have about online features of the game.

Does Atomic Heart have Coop Multiplayer?

Atomic Heart will not have any coop multiplayer features. The 1950’s alternate Soviet era game from Mundfish will be solely focused on delivering a promising single player experience.

While there was initially plans for PVP multiplayer, this was scrapped as Atomic Heart continued development. Robert Bagratuni, the game director and founder of Mundfish, reveals that they had to abandons plans for any online features including multiplayer during Atomic Heart’s long development period. Bagratuni confirms that Mundfish has no plans of any multiplayer add-ons for Atomic Heart’s future.

This doesn’t mean that Atomic Heart being exclusively single player is set in stone. Depending on how things go, Mundfish may consider revisiting their previous plans of implementing online features which may include multiplayer coop or PVP. While it was a tough choice, Bagratuni is confident that removing multiplayer features for Atomic Heart was the right choice.

Going to Steam’s page for Atomic Heart also confirms that the game is purely single player so players would know what to expect. Right now, developers Mundfish are focused on giving you the best single player experience without any future plans for multiplayer features.

Atomic Heart Coop

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