Atomic Heart Game Length – How Long to Beat

How long to beat Atomic Heart?

How much time do you need in order to get through the Atomic Heart game length? The open world first person RPG from developers Mundfish promises a wealth of content to digest which should consume a good grind of our daily hours. If you’re curious about how long Atomic Heart’s game length will be, here’s an article that explains it.

How long to complete Atomic Heart?

According to developer Mundfish themselves, Atomic Heart will take about 25 hours to beat. Those looking to 100% the game will need about 40 hours in total for a completionist run.

Atomic Heart features a pretty big open world game connected by smaller, more linear environments where most main story missions take place. In between, players can freely explore the Facility 3826 and battle machines gone awry. Players looking to chew the scenery can take their sweet time to complete Atomic Heart. Especially for those looking to 100% and earn every trophy of Atomic Heart.

Atomic Heart Game Length

There are multiple difficulties Atomic Heart offers which will no doubt contribute to how long it’ll take for you to beat the game. The game director, Robert Bagratuni, compares the game’s easy mode to story difficulty that significantly tones down the challenging boss fights so you can experience P-3’s journey through this utopian gone wrong. Hard mode is the opposite where you’ll have a tougher time fighting the game’s many deadly enemies so expect to die a lot and restart some progress.

Atomic Heart takes place in an alternate Soviet Union where technology evolved faster than actual history. This led to mankind developing subservient robots that catered to our every whim until they went berserk and started to kill every human in the way. Unhinged KGB agent P-3 seeks to Dmitry Sechenov’s neural network which will regain the control of these now death machines.

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