Best Barrage RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Burn even the toughest dinosaur horde away with the best RIG and module choices for the best Exoprimal Barrage build.

Making the best Exoprimal Barrage build involves choosing the right RIG and Modules. In this team based competitive shooter, speed is everything, and Barrage’s ability to take down crowds of dinosaurs quickly makes him a valuable asset to any team composition. Take advantage of this Exosuit’s high potential for AOE damage by further boosting Barrage with the best RIG and Modules there are.

Exoprimal Barrage Best Build

Here are the best build options for Barrage:


  • Blade: An electromagnetic shuriken that paralyzes enemies on contact.


  • Slot 1: B01 – Blast Enforcer
  • Slot 2: B – Lingering Threat
  • Slot 3: B – Flare Dodge

Making the best Barrage build in Exoprimal is all about choosing the right RIG and modules. Aggressive players thrive in Exoprimal because of how each match is based around completing objectives faster than the other team. And there isn’t another Exosuit that can be even more aggressive than Barrage, which is why he ranks as one of the best Exosuits in our tier list.

You have a lot of picks for which RIG and modules you want to equip for Barrage, but only a certain few will really benefit his aggressive style of play. We picked ones that will help Barrage cause more carnage and maximize his potential to eliminate hordes of dinosaurs so that you can complete objectives faster.

Barrage RIG and Modules

Barrage is great at PVE and has one of the best Exosuits for it. Not only do his abilities gear towards eliminating as many enemies as possible, but his modules also enhance his destructive capabilities. With the right RIG and modules picked, you can make the best Exoprimal Barrage build that will have dinosaurs falling down in droves.

Barrage Best RIG

You’re limited to one RIG which is the tool you use that essentially functions as an extra ability. The best pick for Barrage is the Blade RIG which paralyzes enemies on the spot leaving them open to being taken out with his grenade launcher.

Because of Barrage’s equipment, he’ll face difficulties against flying enemies like the Pteranodon. Blade won’t unlock until you’re player level 27, so in the mean time the Cannon RIG is the best pick for Barrage to compensate against longer target foes. You can even use Cannon to have an additional AOE attack up your sleeve when the Stun Grenade and Triple Threat abilities are on cooldown.

Barrage Best Modules

Like the other Exosuits, Barrage is limited to three slots. Each slot contains two unique Modules for Barrage to equip but he can only equip one of them. There are also general modules that can be used by any Exosuit.

For his first slot, we recommend Blast Enhancer over Impact Grenade. There’s more benefit to increasing the blast radius than its damage. Barrage is meant for taking out as many hordes as possible so having a wider range is more beneficial in the long run. You’ll be able to use Blast Enhancer once you get Barrage to Exosuit level 4.

For his second slot, Lingering Threat is the better pick over Boost Grenade. You’ll find more utility in the Triple Threat ability which is boosted by this module to have longer flames. Enemies passing by will be debuffed and continuously take damage which is good for defending against an incoming horde. Lingering Threat will unlock when Barrage gets to level 8.

For his third slot, Flare Dodge over Reload Dodge is the better pick. With Barrage, you’ll want to be in the center of the fight because of his limited range. You’ll have plenty of time to reload so Reload Dodge just isn’t worth it. Flare Dodge helps you kill more dinosaurs while getting yourself to safety. Barrage will get Flare Dodge once you get to Exosuit level 14.

Exoprimal Best Barrage build

You can customize Barrage’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Barrage. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Barrage build in Exoprimal.

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