Best Low Rank Charge Blade Builds – Monster Hunter Rise

A look into low rank sets for Charge Blade users.

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Charge Blades were a hit when they were first introduced and is still a hit now, especially for hunters who like it flashy. It can cater to both quick attacks and also to hard-hitting attacks thanks to its dual configuration. Learning the charge blade combos can be daunting as it is a very technical weapon, but the hard work gets paid off once you manage to perform a perfect Super Amped Elemental Discharge.

If you’re looking forward to conquering the charge blade, we got some starter sets and weapons to recommend to you. All of the weapons and sets that are in this guide are for Low Rank as we’ll be tackling High Rank builds in a separate guide.

Low Rank Charge Blades

This guide contains information on the finest low rank Charge Blade builds in Monster Hunter Rise now that it has released on PC. Learn about the best Charge Blades to utilize in the early game.

Sinister Slasher II - Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Slasher II

The Magnamalo weapons are an easy pick since you can just use them straight away, but getting the materials might take some time. The Sinister Slasher II progresses to the Sinister Shade Axe which gains decoration slots on top of the damage boost. Also, seeing explosions pop off when pulling off discharges is fun to see.

Bone Blade I - Monster Hunter Rise

Bone Blade I

Bone weapons don’t get that much love, which is why we’re giving it the spotlight for being a competent beginner charge blade. Easy to forge and to upgrade, you can also progress to the Jyuratodus tree and gain some decoration slots.

Kadachi Slasher II - Monster Hunter Rise

Kadachi Slasher II

Its lower raw damage gets compensated by its 18 thunder and 15% affinity. Plus, it has some blue sharpness on top of it. Upgrading it further will open up 2 decoration slots and the materials to do so are not as hard to do as the others.

Elite Blade I - Monster Hunter Rise

Elite Blade I

An awesome looking charge blade, though its stats are average. But continue working on this particular charge blade because it connects to the Rakna-Kadaki tree which ends with the Araknablade, another must-get charge blade for late game.

Low Rank Charge Blade Best Armor Sets

Learn about the best Armor pieces to employ with the Charge Blades for Low Rank in this guide.

Basarios Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Basarios Set

A set that provides a good amount of defense. The Defense Boost makes you relatively safer, plus Guard will make it easy to pull of guard points, even when pulling off combos. Load Shells adds more phials to your charge blade and there’s also the bonus Speed Sharpening. This is a good beginner set to get that will provide safety while learning the charge blade.

Anjanath Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Anjanath Set

A set for the phial-phile. Focus lets you charge your phials quickly and easily, giving you more opportunities to buff up and dish out discharges in a shorter period. The set itself already has a lv. 3 Attack Boost for the added oomph, and encourages head hits with the Slugger, while Marathon Runner makes sure that you don’t run out of stamina so quickly.

Almudron Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Almudron Set

A set that will help promote variety in the attacks. Rapid Morph makes the switch from the sword and shield configuration to the axe mode quicker, thus switching to either modes can be done easily depending on the situation. It also has Power Prolonger so that your sword charge and shield charge can last longer. The Razor Sharp and Evade Window are added bonuses to this set.

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