Best Low Rank Hunting Horn Builds – Monster Hunter Rise

A look into low rank sets for Hunting Horn users.

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Hunting Horns are not often the first pick of hunters in Monster Hunter Rise, mainly because it fills in a support archetype in a party and not much of a damage dealer. Thus, having a hunting horn master in a party is quite rare. But Monster Hunter Rise changed how hunting horns work and made the song playing easier to integrate in an attack pattern.

If you are interested in filling in the support bard position of your party, then we have a guide for you on what beginner sets to get and aim for. All of the weapons and sets that are in this guide are for Low Rank as we’ll be tackling High Rank builds in a separate guide.

Low Rank Hunting Horns

This guide contains information on the finest low rank Hunting Horn builds in Monster Hunter Rise now that it has released on PC. Learn about the best Hunting Horns to utilize in the early game.

Frilled Flute II - Monster Hunter Rise

Frilled Flute II

If you want straightforward buffs such as Attack Up, Defense Up, and Earplugs (S), then this hunting horn is for you. Upgrading it to Illusory Flute will open up 2 decoration slots.

Striped Dragonga I - Monster Hunter Rise

Striped Dragonga I

This hunting horn is for a more aggressive approach with Attack Up, Earplugs (S), and Sonic Wave which generates a shockwave that will deal a small amount of damage. Though if you are going to use it to bash monsters, consider compensating for the -20% affinity.

Magia Charm II - Monster Hunter Rise

Magia Charm II

This hunting horn focuses more on defensive and healing support for the team. It has Health Recovery (S), Health Recovery (S) + Antidote, and a Sonic Barrier that puts up a barrier that negates flinches, knockbacks, stuns from roars, wind pressure and tremors. You can even just spam this for your teammates.

Sinister Strum I - Monster Hunter Rise

Sinister Strum I

This hunting horn has an Attack and Defense Up in one song, plus Health Regeneration and Sonic Barrier. It’s a slightly more active offensive horn to bring in a hunt. Upgrading it to the Sinister Shadestrum will give it white sharpness and decoration slots.

Khezu Horn II

Khezu Horn II - Monster Hunter Rise

This weird looking hunting horn has Elemental Attack Boost or the elementally aligned teammates, coupled with Earplugs (S) and Health Regeneration. Upgrading it to the Khezu Flute will give it a decoration slot.

Low Rank Hunting Horn Armor Sets

Learn about the best Armor pieces to employ with the Hunting Horn for Low Rank in this guide.

Kulu-Ya-Ku Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Kulu-Ya-Ku Set

Get the Kulu-Ya-Ku Set for the Horn Maestro which makes the effects of the songs you play last a bit longer. If you play on the side lines more, then you’ll benefit from Maximum Might which increases your affinity when your HP is full. Try to sneak in some hits to the head of the monster when you see the opportunity so that you can also make use of the Slugger and Stamina Thief.

You may also want to keep the Mail to mix it in with other sets to keep the Horn Maestro skill.

Utsushi (Hidden) Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Utsushi (Hidden) Set

Get the Utsushi Set for the Evade Window to give you more breathing space when dodging monster attacks. Razor Sharp will lessen the need to stop and sharpen your horn so that you can continuously chain your melodies, while Wirebug Whisperer helps retain a third wirebug longer, in case you need a quick exit.

Nargacuga Set - Monster Hunter Rise

Nargacuga Set

The Nargacuga Set is another set that helps you escape a spot better. The combo between Evade Window and Evade Extender will surely make clutch dodges a little more safer and easier to do. Get this if you really want to stay on the side lines, but also stay close enough to your teammates.

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