Best Roadblock RIG & Modules: Exoprimal Build Guide

Be a pillar for your team and block hostiles from passing through with the best Exoprimal Roadblock build.

Making the best Exoprimal Roadblock build starts with knowing what RIG and modules work with this Exosuit. Roadblock is one of the toughest Exosuits in the game and is mainly in charge of taking heavy hits that can kill other players with a good hit. This does mean that Roadblock will need to be at the top of his game with the best RIG and modules equipped.

Exoprimal Best Roadblock Build

Here are the best build options for Roadblock:


  • Drill Fist: A powerful drill attack that can be charged up before being unleashed.


  • Slot 1: R01 – Tower Shield
  • Slot 2: R – Stun Blast
  • Slot 3: R – Skid Dodge+

Making the best Roadblock build means choosing the right RIG and modules that compliment and enhance his defensive playstyle. While aggressive players are favored in Exoprimal due to speed being the main factor for victory, you need someone like Roadblock to tank hits for you because many dinosaurs in the game hit hard. There isn’t another tank Exosuit that can take as much direct hits as Roadblock.

Roadblock is great in certain PVP modes like protecting Data Key Security because of how his energy shield blocks enemy projectiles from damaging it. He also excels against giant dinosaurs like blocking attacks from the Carnotaurus who can take out Murasame in a few hits.

Roadblock Best RIG and modules

You have a few picks for which RIG and modules you want to equip for Roadblock but only a few will really benefit his defensive style of play. We picked ones that will help Roadblock take the heat for his team while they dish out the damage.

Roadblock Best RIG

Like other Exosuits, Roadblock is limited to one RIG which functions as an extra ability with its own cooldown. We recommend the Drill Fist so that Roadblock has an additional way to attack. His high durability means that Roadblock can tank a hit while Drilling is charging without being set back too much.

Since Drill Fist won’t be available until player level 37, we recommend Aid to keep your team alive in the thick of things. That or you can go for Cannon if you want something to attack enemies at a distance since Roadblock fights using exclusively melee.

Roadblock Best Modules

Roadblock has three slots where he can equip modules. Each slot has two unique modules dependent on Exosuit level that give Roadblock certain changes and buffs but only one of them can be equipped. There are also general modules that are dependent on player level that any Exosuit can equip.

For his first slot, pick Tower Shield over Knuckle Duster. This will increase the durability of your Ballistic Wall significantly making it more difficult to penetrate. You’ll be more useful against dinosaurs like the T. Rex and defending from Overcharge attacks from enemy players. Tower Shield can be unlocked on Roadblock Exosuit level 4.

For his second slot, Stun Blast has more utility over Legendary Taunt. The former can stun enemy players while knocking them backwards which is useful when you’re fighting against Zephyr or Murasame. It’ll even give you a chance to stun dinosaurs allowing your team an opening. Stun Blast can be unlocked on Roadblock Exosuit level 6.

For his third slot, Skid Dodge+ is better than Skid Step. You’ll knock enemies backwards, temporarily increase your defense, and reduce flinching which is useful in desperate scenarios. Skid Dodge+ can be unlocked when Roadblock is Exosuit level 14.

Exoprimal best Roadblock build

You can customize Roadblock’s RIG and Exosuits via the Main Menu. Go to the Hangar tab and select Roadblock. Shift tabs until you get to RIG & Modules where you’ll be able to select the ones to make the best Roadblock build in Exoprimal.

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