Call of Duty Vanguard All Weapons Tier List – Ranked From Best to Worst

Who survives the gunfight isn’t just decided by skill; the equipment you bring with you and the firepower you have are a significant factor in being the best in Call of Duty Vanguard. To help find the best of all weapons, we created a tier list as we take their utility, firepower, and overall effectiveness into consideration.

Even with just the confirmed weapons at launch, Call of Duty Vanguard already has a pretty decent selection in stock. They’re slower compared to weapons from Modern Warfare or Black Ops seeing as they’re from a previous era of war but they’re still capable beasts in the field on the right hands.

Here is our tier list for all Call of Duty Vanguard Weapons ranked from best to worst.

Call of Duty Vanguard Weapons Tier List

Take note that these are confirmed weapons we got our hands on in the Call of Duty Vanguard beta. The game is likely to have more guns when it releases this December 5th.

The weapons in the game are quite flexible with some weapons having up to ten attachments. This gives players more flexibility on customizing and tuning their favorite guns. If you want to see which gun in Vanguard will be your top pick, then check out this tier list.

Tier Level



Weapon selections that we are confident in, regardless of what your teammates choose.


Top-tier weapons regardless of early, mid, and late picks.


Weapons that are serviceable and can have an impact on a match if they are used correctly, but can be replaced if better weapons are found.


Never main weapons but useful enough to be a secondary.


Only pick them up if you don’t have a choice.

Without further ado, here’s our ranking from the best to worst weapons in Vanguard. We’ll also be displaying their unlock requirements so you know exactly what you have to do to get them.

call of duty vanguard mp40


The cream of the crop; S-Tiers are confident selections that you can always on that features high flexibility, multiple customizations, and low time to kill.


The best gun in the game for run-and-gun which is the core of Call of Duty multiplayer. The MP40 has no rival on the field. It is able to unload its entire magazine in a matter of seconds and will kill almost immediately in mid-to-close ranged combat. While its primary flaw lies in its small magazine, that can be nullified via the right attachments as you level up the gun.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked By Default


The best and most reliable assault rifle in the game; the STG44 will never fail you. Any shortcomings can be compensated and even surpassed by the sheer number of attachments you can place on the weapon. It is the most versatile weapon in the game and unlocks early on for beginners to use.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked By Default


If you’re more of a long-ranged fighter, then the KAR98K is perfect for snipers. The KAR98K has a one-hit kill reliability when shot at almost any part of the body. This is a snipers ambrosia and for good reason. It can be highly customized with attachments to ensure that your KAR98K is the one for you.

Unlock Requirements: Level 43


The BAR is a classic weapon that is a bit more difficult to use than the STG44; it has a slower rate-of-fire and recoils like no tomorrow but it packs a mean punch. Players who master the BAR can handle anything coming their way. Most shortcomings of the BAR can be mitigated with the right set of attachments.

Unlock Requirements: Level 26


For people who want more dakka, then the DP27LMG is arguably the best LMG in the game. Like any LMG, it will slow you down considerably. But what makes the DP27LMG particularly great at its job is its short time-to-kill, accuracy at longer ranges, and controllable recoil in comparison to other guns of its type. If you can forgive the slow reload and time to ADS then the DP27LMG and you are a match made in heaven.

Unlock Requirements: Level 18


On surface, the Gracey shotgun has a lot of flaws that could question players as to why we consider it an S-tier pick; it has short range and a small magazine. However it shines as the best automatic shotgun in the game for killing anyone in one-shot close range and its small magazine can be fixed with the proper loadout attachments.

Unlock Requirements: Level 31

Volk Call of Duty Vanguard


A-Tier weapons are very decent picks, only offset by their competition up above by certain flaws. There are plenty of good picks in Call of Duty Vanguard so most of the weapons sit here.


Although held back by its unpredictable recoil the VOLK holds one of the fastest time-to-kill for an assault rifle and deals serious damage. If you can control its heavy recoil then you have a weapon that can shred through enemies armies.

Unlock Requirements: Level 55


An assault rifle that boast long ranged efficiency; the automaton isn’t the most powerful in your arsenal but its high accuracy and low recoil make it a weapon favored by sharpshooters.

Unlock Requirements: Level 8


The MP1928 is a weapon straight out of a mafia film; it’s got good control, fast rate of fire, and looks classy. This gun can dominate at close ranged encounters. Just don’t even attempt to fight long distance with this weapon.

Unlock Requirements: Level 20


One of the better LMGs to use in Vanguard, the MGS42 boasts high power that can decimate rows upon rows of enemies. But this comes at the sheer cost of your mobility. If you think it’s a worth it trade off, then the MG42 is great on your hands.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked by Default


Your starting sniper rifle and how. Even at its base the Type 99 can one shot kill when you land a hit on the upper body. It has fast reload, decent fire rate, and a good ammo capacity.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked by Default


What should be a great gun can be deterring to use due to the large vision obstructing magazine to the ride side of the player’s screen. Baring that, the Owen gun is one of the most flexible with a good range and a fast time to kill.

Unlock Requirements: Level 29


The classic Double Barrel shotgun can one-shot kill enemies in close range. A classic weapon to pick for those who don’t want anyone getting close. Just be careful of your long distance relationships with snipers.

Unlock Requirements: Level 49


Almost as good as the Type 99, and has nearly identical damage. But it’s only con is that you might need to score another shot to put down the enemy.

Unlock Requirements: Level 22


Probably the best secondary you can take with you, the Machine Pistol is practically a small SMG. The con is its small magazine and high recoil. But it’s a great weapon to pack as an extra. This secondary sits in A-Tier as it still allows you to hold room for your main weapon.

Unlock Requirements: Level 45


If you don’t like the Machine Pistol then the Klauser is the next best thing. It is an accurate semi-automatic pistol that does its job to put your enemy down from a good distance. It is a solid secondary pick.

Unlock Requirements: Level 35


The MK11 Launcher is a reliable secondary weapon when you have a large group of enemies closing in on you. A single shot from this can put down a whole group.

Unlock Requirements: Level 52

PPSH-41 Call of Duty Vanguard


B-Tier weapons aren’t a bad pick; they’re just outclassed by others in the upper tiers but they can be serviceable. Still, you’re better off swapping them the first chance you get.


The PPSH is a solid submachine gun. But it just doesn’t seem to be remarkable next to the M1928 and Owen, so as a submachine gun it can be outclassed by its brothers.

Unlock Requirements: Level 51


The M1 Garand is a good marksman rifle that can kill with two body shots or a well placed head shot. It just has poor ADS speed which can be mitigated by certain loadout attachments.

Unlock Requirements: Level 6


The ITRA is a solid assault rifle in the game featuring a four-shot burst that can deal good damage at range. The pay off is that those burst shots have to land all in one go otherwise you have a gun that will take a while to actually kill.

Unlock Requirements: Level 16

Combat Shield

Sure if you want to be the guy everyone hates you can use the Combat Shield; it’s bullet proof and resistant to explosives. Is it any wonder why people hate fighting against it? The trade off is that it takes your main weapon forcing you to rely on your secondary.

Unlock Requirements: Level 42


Type 11 is an LMG that solves all its mobility problems at the cost of stopping power and recoil. While you can take this gun to remedy its key issues, the Type 11 can be questionable in performance compared to its brothers.

Unlock Requirements: Level 37


Probably the shotgun that has the farthest range. The Combat Shotgun can be good for mid ranged fights but it comes at the cost of not being able to one-shot kill enemies like the double barrel or the Gracey. What’s the point of its midrange capabilities when you can just opt for a better SMG?

Unlock Requirements: Level 14


The Top Break is a high caliber revolver that can be a decent secondary thanks to its viability for mid-to-close ranged encounters. At full health, it can take a couple of shots to put down the enemy but you’ll likely use it as a back up in case you run out of ammo for your main weapon.

Unlock Requirements: Level 12

Type-100 Call of Duty Vanguard


Weapons who have their cons far outweighed by their capabilities; C-Tier weapons have an inferior pick to other guns of their brethren.

Type 100

The Type 100 isn’t the best of SMGs in the game. It boasts decent damage at long ranges but it doesn’t have the firepower and fire rate as the above mentioned SMGs.

Unlock Requirements: Level 39


The NZ-41 has high damaging rounds perfect for players who want to be on the aggressive and constantly charging. Its biggest weakness is its poor recoil control making it one of the more difficult to handle assault rifles in the game.

Unlock Requirements: Level 41


The GEWHR-45 or G-43 isn’t the worst sniper rifle ever. However it lacks the impact others have on this list for its type of gun. At longer ranges it doesn’t do as much damage as the Type-99 despite its high fire rate and great control.

Unlock Requirements: Level 47


Imagine taking two shots to kill enemies; it doesn’t sound like a bad prospect but you’re playing a Call of Duty where time to kill is essential. The revolving shotgun is easily outclassed by other weapons of the same type.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked by Default


Pretty much your average iconic WW2 pistol. Nothing remarkable but a reliable weapon. Just out done by Klauser.

Unlock Requirements: Level 23


A tie with the 1911, the RATT doesn’t really feature that much remarkable performance on the field. Whether you prefer the 1911 can be up to preference or level if you’re not Level 23 yet.

Unlock Requirements: Unlocked by Default


It boasts a bigger explosion than the M1 Bazooka, the Panzerschreck only comes with two shots. You miss once and you’ve depleted half your stock. The Panzerschreck only comes with two rockets same as the other launchers in this game.

Unlock Requirements: Level 26


The most basic bazooka in the game. Aim and fire; simple and easy to use. Just line your aim precisely as it doesn’t automatically go after planes.

Unlock Requirements: Level 11


Not really any different compared to the M1 Bazooka or the Panzerschreck. Launchers in this game barely have any unique identity from each other making them mostly a similar pick.

Unlock Requirements: Level 34

SVT-40 Call of Duty Vanguard


The worst pick of the bunch. You’re better off picking something else as the cons of these weapons far outweigh their benefits.


The SVT-40 has a good potential that can land one-hit-kill shots, but it has low mobility and a lower fire rate compared to the other sniper rifles. Your target will already be someone else by the time you try to get in another shot.

Unlock Requirements: Level 27


BREN is a light machine gun that has a low fire rate, terrible mobility, and even worse recoil. It is a poor choice of weapon as it requires a lot of investment before it can even be considered decent.

Unlock Requirements: Level 53


The SMG you’ll unlock which is worse than your starter SMG. Just play the MP40. Sten has low damage and bad recoil.

Unlock Requirements: Level 10


The fact that the F5 Fighting Knife takes your secondary slots makes it a suicidal choice. It enables you to kill enemies close range sure but you’d have to dodge all their bullets with a small margin for error. The F5 Fighting Knife is a weapon for those with a suicide wish.

Unlock Requirements: Level 22

Credit to Youtuber, Weapons From Games

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