Can Gotham Knights Be Played Solo?

Gotham Knights has been revealed as a co-op experience where you and a friend can play as any one of Batman’s proteges (baring Damien) to fight the criminal underbelly of Gotham City. However those who wish to play the entire game alone may be asking if Gotham Knights has any story missions that need the help of an online partner. You might be wondering can Gotham Knight be played solo and offline?

Can Gotham Knights Be Played Solo?

Gotham Knights has been confirmed to be playable solo. Players who want to experience the full story of the game can do so without the need of a cooperative partner. This was confirmed in the official FAQ for Gotham Knights that the full game can be enjoyed solo.

You also do not need internet connection in order to play Gotham Knights. This means that the entire story can be played offline. You’ll only need an online connection if you’re paying coop with a friend.

Can Gotham Knights Be Played Solo

Players can choose to play as any one of the four protagonists in Gotham Knights, build them up, and fight the criminal underbelly of the city all by themselves. The game allows you to build up your character’s special abilities to develop your own unique playstyle as you challenge the villains of Gotham City.

Will Gotham Knights Have Microtransactions?

No, Gotham Knights will not have microtransactions. This was confirmed by WB Games in their official FAQ page. You don’t have anything to purchase online that will alter your experience and progress of Gotham Knights.

The only thing that will give your experience in the game a boost is by purchasing other Gotham Knights editions besides the standard edition. These will reward with cosmetics and items you can use in-game to get a better head start. But for the most part, standard edition players will have no trouble catching up.

Since Gotham Knights can be played entire alone and offline, you might be wondering if microtransactions play a heavy part in the game’s world. Thankfully WB Games has confirmed their absence.

Will Gotham Knights Have Microtransactions

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