WB Games Confirms Gotham Knights Gone Gold

No more delays and ready to launch soon!

gotham knights

The wait is over as WB Games Montreal has confirmed that Gotham Knights gone gold today.

Gotham Knights Gone Gold Secures Launch

After its delay previously and canceling its PS4 and Xbox One versions, it seems Warner Games Montreal is finally ready to release this game this coming October 25, 2022. The team has finally made it official with a new announcement on its social media account.

According to the development team’s official Twitter account, they are proud to announce that Gotham Knights has now officially gone gold. For those uninitiated, a game going gold means that the development of the game is now complete and it is ready for its upcoming launch and manufacture of its physical copies.

Most Probably Not Getting Delayed Anymore

The launch is now 90 percent confirmed and with no more delays, unless there are some accidents, world disasters that cannot be prevented, and such. That will be the only time the developers will have to delay the launch.

Time to Polish

What the developers can do now is to polish the game, make some small improvements, check and crush the bugs that were not seen before going gold, and more. Just nipping out the extras before the full launch.

gotham knights gone gold

See you guys on October 25, 2022, for Gotham Knights’ official launch! It will be available on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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