Chorus All Character Abilities – How to Use Rites

In Chorus, Nara, the main protagonist, has learnt to employ her unique abilities as powerful Rites throughout her time in the Circle. These unique abilities enable her to draw energy from the aether in order to defeat powerful adversaries.

Together with her starship, Forsaken, Nara’s unstoppable power can be reawakened by reuniting their essences. But Forsaken can’t forgive her for keeping him in solitary confinement for so long, so Nara promises to do something about it — they will bring down their former master, the Prophet, together.

She enters an old alien temple in order to reclaim the first one. While there, she confronts her deepest fears and recognizes that she was always in charge of her own decisions that led to the deaths of innocent people. After reconnecting with her spiritual powers once more, she sees signs of a fresh, catastrophic split.

As the story progresses, all Rites are unlocked.

On the Rite Screen in the Menu, you can learn more about the powers and how to use them. Here is a list of all of Nara’s abilities or powers that you can unlock in Chorus.

Chorus – All Character Abilities/Powers

Rite of the Senses

By using her inner senses, Nara is able to see things that other sensors would miss. Additionally, Nara is able to track the lives of other pilots and see their memories, as well as the echoes of past events.

Nara’s heightened senses allow her to detect echoes of the aether in our reality. When it comes to her perceptions, Nara is guided by the spirits of the aether. Although she doesn’t need to visualize it, Nara must accept the necessity of what she needs to find.

How to use Rite of the Senses

For PC
  • Press “E” to find things that Nara needs and that others may not be able to see around her.
  • By holding the “E” key, you can reveal nearby points of interest and activities, and mark them on the star map.
For Controller
  • “A” button for Xbox; “X” button for PS4/PS5
Chorus Drift Trance

Drift Trance

To perform impossible drift maneuvers, Nara and Forsaken must be in perfect sync for a brief period of time. Forsa’s hull is encased in a cocoon of spirit energy thanks to Nara’s abilities.

Both are protected from the extreme g-forces of their maneuver, which would normally crush every human pilot and tear apart even Forsaken’s frame, inside this energy fold. Only Nara and Forsa have the ability to drift at will, while other Elders and their ships have drifted on occasion.

How to use Drift Trance

For PC
  • Maintain your current direction and speed by holding “Right Click” on your PC. You can aim in any direction as you do so.
For Controller
  • “LB” button for Xbox; “L1” button for PS4/PS5

Rite of the Hunt

Chorus Rite of the Hunt

In the blink of an eye, Nara and Forsa can move into the ideal position to strike and overcome all barrier fields. They become the ultimate hunter because they are faster and more agile than any known ship technology would allow.

Nara embodies the primal terror of a predator catching its prey off guard for this Rite. When they focus on this unresolved fear, they can travel through the aether connections between all present and past beings. For a split second, they vanish from our reality and reappear where their enemy is most afraid of them.

How to use Rite of the Hunt

For PC
  • Even through barrier fields, pressing “Q” will allow you to leap to a valuable target location.
For Controller
  • “B” button for Xbox; “O” button for PS4/PS5
  • After leaping, the Rite Energy capacity is temporarily overcharged.
  • A 50% increase in damage is applied to all weapons and rites for five seconds after leaping into combat.

Rite of the Storm

Chorus Rite of the Storm

Repressed, emotional and instinctual impulses that lingered around Nara are brought to the surface and condensed into an unstoppable storm by her. When her enemies’ energy supplies are drained, they are unable to flee or return fire.

Even the corruptive energies of the Faceless are no exception to this rule. Corruption Clusters are impenetrable, but Nara has the ability to break them apart with ease.

How to use Rite of the Storm

For PC
  • Faceless Corruption Clusters can be destroyed by pressing “F” to disrupt enemy shields, thrusters, and weapon systems.
For Controller
  • “X” button for Xbox; “Square” button for PS4/PS5
  • Multiple targets are damaged in a chain reaction as a result.
  • When the Forsaken takes damage from hostile shields, its shield is temporarily overcharged by the amount of damage it takes.

Rite of the Star

Chorus Rite of the Star

It’s like the heat of a supernova piercing through enemies and fracturing impenetrable surfaces. Nara uses this Rite to focus on her enemies’ rage and suppressed rage, creating a pure, destructive force in our reality. Even though they may think she’s a fireball of hatred, they’re actually engulfed in it.

How to use Rite of the Star

For PC
  • Spear through enemies and structural fractures by pressing “Space” to gain extra speed, while its heat severely damages even those who are only a few feet away.
For Controller
  • “RB” button for Xbox; “R1” button for PS4/PS5
  • Four more stars are added to the area of destruction.

Rite of Control

Chorus Rite of Control

Nara is able to hold and throw enemy ships like explosive projectiles with this Rite, even though she does not use any physical force. When it comes to Nara, however, it’s all about tapping into the subconsciousness of humans or advanced AI. Her spiritual force transcends the distinction between mind and matter in this area.

As a result of her influence, both the pilot and the ships themselves are eager to reach their maximum speed. The Great Prophet has kept the Rite a secret, and Nara is the only Elder who can learn it after her exaltation to the rank of Elder.

Rite of Control

For PC
  • Using the “R” key, you can hold an enemy. Press “R” again to fire it at a new enemy or obstruction.
For Controller
  • “Y” button for Xbox; “Triangle” button for PS4/PS5

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