Chorus – All Locations Map and Star Systems

Welcome to Chorus

Aside from providing a variety of settings and environments, each star system offers a different faction, a variety of side missions, and an opportunity to learn about Nara’s troubled past and how it relates to the current events in her current situation.

Jump gates connect star systems, allowing players to freely travel between them once they have been unlocked.

These are all of the places they’ll be stopping by during their journey.

chorus all locations - stega central
Stega Central

Stega Central

Stega Central is the first map where you will begin your journey in Chorus.

Since its abundant resources were depleted, this distant system has been largely forgotten. It seemed as if even the Circle had lost interest…until now! An ancient temple is all that remains of a mysterious alien presence that once occupied the Enclave.

Stega Central Map

chorus all locations - stega central1
Stega Central Map
chorus all locations - stega rim
Stega Rim

Stega Rim

Stega Central’s outskirts are inhabited by loners and scavengers who are free to do as they please. The system’s only interstellar jump gate is located in the Rim Stega, making it a potential target for the Circle.

chorus all locations - stega rim1
Stega Rim Map
chorus all locations - amarok1


In the Galactic Wars, Amarok was a battleground due to the importance of its resources for the construction of weapons. Isolated by time and war, it now bears the scars of both. Finally, the few remaining resistance forces are forced to retreat from the Circle. 

Chorus all locations - Amarok
Amarok Map
chorus all locations - tarris lab2
Tarris Labs

Tarris Labs

Ex-Neju Coalition research facilities can be found in an abandoned wormhole. Forsaken and eleven other sentient Elder ships, as well as highly advanced weapon technology, were once developed here. These creatures may have been born here because of the Faceless energy.

Chorus all locations - tarris lab
Tarris Lab Map
Chorus all locations - kinuuk fields1
Kinuuk Fields

Kinuuk Fields

Faceless first appeared to humanity here, and the mysterious power chose its Great Prophet here. The Heart, where this historic meeting took place, is now the Circle’s holiest site.

Chorus all locations - kinuuk fields
Kinuuk Fields Map
chorus all locations - nimika
Nimika System


It is in the Nimika system, humanity’s largest home, that a proud and rebellious history has unfolded. Because of their arrogance, they paid a heavy price, however.

The Circle’s might and cruelty are symbolized by the Rift that destroyed Nimika Prime, which is currently dormant. While the ravaged planet’s rebels continue to seek refuge in this location, pilgrims are now flocking here.

chorus all locations - nimika1
Nimika System Map

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