Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion Walkthrough

Dead Space Remake Chapter 5 Lethal Devotion

In Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion of Dead Space Remake, Isaac receives a call from Nicole who claims that Medical is a safe haven. He rushes back to the Medical Deck in order to find her. Here’s a walkthrough that shows you how to complete Chapter 5 of Dead Space Remake.

This is a continuation of Dead Space Remake Chapter 4: Obliteration Imminent Walkthrough.

Return to Medical

After the call with Kendra and Hammond, Isaac gets the objective to return to Medical. You’ll have to make your way back to the trams in order to fast travel to the Medical Deck. You can stick around the Bridge for a while gathering items that you may have missed.

The moment you enter the Medical Security Station, everything will lock down. Isaac tries to call Kendra but to no avail. A voice over the intercom greets Isaac. After their conversation, the Imaging Diagnostics Wing will be unlocked.

Locate the Source of the Broadcast, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Locate the Source of the Broadcast

With Isaac back at Medical, he now has to look for the broadcast source who seems to know something about Nicole. Follow the objective marker until you reach Imaging Diagnostics.

There’s a lot of dangerous Necromorphs in this room. But look out for the Guardians. They’re these Necromorphs who are attached to the wall. They will spew out smaller Necromorphs which makes them troublesome. They also have access to a one-hit kill attack if you get too close.

The Imaging Diagnostics also has a lot of Necromorph growth which block your way. Like before, you have to hit the weak spot to clear the way. Watch your back, because other Necromorphs could be closing in while you’re looking around.

Guardian, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Follow the objective locator to find the broadcast source. However take the chance to explore for supplies in Medical as you won’t get the chance later on after a certain segment. There is Line Racks schematic weapon upgrade in Dr. B. Warrick in the Zero-G Therapy hallway. You can now access it thanks to your Level 2 Security Clearance.

When you’re done scrounging up supplies, go to the Cryogenics room and take the cargo lift down. You’ll notice that the objective locator is guiding you to the Chemical Lab. Once you enter, a cutscene will ensue where Isaac meets Dr. Mercer.

Hunter, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Escape the Hunter

After the cutscene, Isaac will be stuck in the Chemical Lab with the Hunter. You’ll have to keep running from it until he calls Kendra to tell her to open the doors. The Hunter cannot die and is invincible due to constantly regenerating limbs. The stasis is a good way to keep it at bay however.

Since the Hunter is invincible, weapons will only slow it down. You’re better off saving your ammunition unless necessary and running circles around it. When you’re outside of the Chemical Lab, immediately head to Imaging Diagnostics instead of the elevator.

Escape the Hunter, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

The Hunter isn’t the only thing chasing you. There are other Necromorphs that will slow you down making this chase harder. After entering the Imaging Diagnostics, run straight instead of going to the Diagnostics Technician since it’s a dead end.

Be careful of the Swarmers that will try to slow you down. Use stasis on the Hunter whenever it gets too close as you make you way into the Security Station.

Lift the Lockdown

As Isaac enters the Security Station, Kendra tells him that she’s unable to unlock the doors. You’ll need to head into the Ishimura Clinic and lift the lockdown so Isaac can escape.

Once you head into the Emergency Room, the Hunter will attack you again. You’ll need to keep running to escape it by running to ER Hallway A. You can actually pick up the Line Gun weapon in Emergency Equipment.

Reboot Security, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

You’ll have to go back to the direction of the Morgue. However the hallway to get there is locked. Instead go right and into Dr. Mercer’s office where you can reboot security protocols. The room will lock itself before a survivor calls out to Isaac telling him that the air is poison.

This forces Isaac to go to find liquid nitrogen in the Cryogenics lab in order to save everyone in the Ishimura. Be careful because the moment you step outside of Mercer’s office, poison gas will fill Medical and Necromorphs will attack. You’ll have to ensure that your oxygen never runs out if you want to survive.

Stop Poison Gas

Go to the Security Station while avoiding Necromorphs attacking you. There should be a few Oxygen Recharge stations that will help you refill full oxygen in case you run out.

Stop Poison Gas, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Once you’re in the Security Station, go behind the reception and activate life support. This will clear the poison gas in Medical. Isaac will then contact Kendra for a route to Cryogenics.

Get to Cryogenics

Follow the objective marker to get to Cryogenics. You’ll encounter a few Necromorphs trying to stop you on the way. The Cryogenics lab is just past the cargo lift in Imaging Diagnostics.

Cryogenics, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

Once you’re in Cryogenics, pick up the liquid nitrogen in the middle of the room. Isaac will confront Dr. Mercer who unleashes the Hunter again at him after their conversation.

Defeat the Hunter

With the Hunter always on his tail, Isaac needs to find a way to get rid of it once and for all. You need to enter the room on the left where Mercer was and Cryo Freeze the room the Hunter is in. Use stasis to keep it where it is and immediately run over there.

Defeat the Hunter, Dead Space Remake Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion

After cryo freezing the room, the Hunter will no longer be a problem for Isaac. Kendra will call him again to tell him that he needs to get to the Hydroponics to fix the air of the ship.

You’re done with Chapter 5: Lethal Devotion in Dead Space Remake.

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