Demonologist Cursed Possessions and Item Locations

Here's a complete list showing where to find Cursed Possessions and Items in Demonologist

Cursed possessions and items can spawn randomly in every Demonologist map available, making them hard to look for. Some of them are hidden in dark corners of the room, in plain sight, and right under our noses. While you’re not fighting against a timer, the more time you spend in an area, the lower your sanity gets, which puts you in constant danger of being hunted down.

Read on, and this guide will teach you where to find every cursed possession and item in Demonologist.

Cursed Possessions and Item Locations in Demonologist

Here’s where you can find all the Cursed Possessions and items in Demonlogist:

Cursed Possessions: Abandoned House Ouija Board Locations

  • Basement: On the chair arm rest.
  • Magna Room: On the bookshelf with a large gap of empty books.
  • Viktoria Room: On the right of the manikin on the floor next to the white table cabinet.

Cursed Possessions: Abandoned House Tarot Card Locations

  • Hallway: On the empty flower pot next to the chair.
  • Workshop: On the stool facing the window.
  • Living Room: On the table cabinet next to the lamp and vase.

Cursed Possessions: Abandoned House Voodoo Doll Locations

  • Basement: On the floor near the locker.
  • Workshop: On the floor just left from where you enter the room.
  • Atrium: On the floor next to the table cabinet near the workshop entrance.

Cursed Possessions: Cyclone Street Ouija Board Locations

  • Bedroom Upstairs: In the closet.
  • Entrance: Directly left on top of the shoe racks and underneath the jackets.
  • Living Room: Behind the couch on the table.

Cursed Possessions: Cyclone Street Tarot Cards Locations

  • Basement: On the basement coffee table.
  • Living Room: On the desk next to the laptop.
  • Entrance: Directly left on top of the shoe racks and underneath the jackets.
  • Master Bedroom: Underneath the big TV.
  • Office: On the bookshelf.

Cursed Possessions: Cyclone Street Voodoo Dolls Locations

  • First Floor Bathroom: Below the towels.
  • Master Bedroom: On the floor near the curtains.
  • Kitchen: On the counter center of the room.
  • Basement: Left to the bottom of the stairs on the left.
  • Basement: Bottom of the stairs through the door on the right.

Cursed Possessions: Hospital

  • Nursery
  • MRI Room
  • Stairs Before Morgue
  • Before MRI Room Entrance
  • Lobby
  • Office
  • Archive Room
  • Staff Room
  • Hallway Before Staff Room
  • Bathroom Near Waiting Area
Cursed Possessions and Items Locations in Demonologist

Due to how small some of the Demonologist Cursed Possessions are, they can be hard to spot. While the Ouija Board and Voodoo Doll stick out like sore thumbs, the Tarot Cards are often easy to run past due to how small they are.

Along with these, you can also find hidden items like the Fingers as well. These are used for exorcism and will only appear once you’ve identified the ghost. Each map has a unique hidden item that will spawn randomly somewhere around the location.

Right now, the game is still in early access, so not all of the maps have been added. As more locations arrive in the game, we’ll be sure to update this article once we find where more useful tools can be found.

Those are all the Demonologist Cursed Possessions and Item locations. We hope this guide was helpful. For more features, news, and guides, feel free to check out our other Demonologist articles.