Destiny 2 Deep Dive secrets, Pressure Trial, Tier 3 Rewards & Collectibles

Completing the Pressure Trial in the Deep Dive activity will give you more loot. Let us teach you exactly how to do this.

Destiny 2 Deep Dive Activity Guide featured

There are better rewards to be reaped from the Destiny 2 Deep Dive seasonal mission. This new activity introduced in Season of the Deep has an interesting secret that you can take advantage of to get Tier 3 chests, which grants you access to better gear. There are some interesting features in the Deep Dive seasonal mission, in that you can select a buff before the mission starts and you can complete an additional activity to get better rewards.

Use this guide to learn how to make the most of the Destiny 2 Deep Dive seasonal mission and get Tier 3 chests.

How to Start Deep Dive?

To begin the Destiny 2 Deep Dive seasonal activity, go to your H.E.L.M. and choose the mission. Once you’ve picked the mission, select one of Asha’s blessings for a helpful boost. Then, continue to the Solar Station. Make sure your power level is at least 1610 before starting. You can complete this activity alone or team up with two other players, either as your Fireteam or with random players.

How To Activate The Secret Pressure Trial in Deep Dive?

How To Activate The Secret Pressure Trial in Deep Dive in Destiny 2

To activate the secret Pressure Trial, interact with the small Taken Blight after the first encounter at the beginning of the Deep Dive mission. This will start the Pressure Trial and you’ll be asked to do a certain task after. When you’ve completed that, you’ll get the text “Darkness Invoked” which lets you know that you can now loot Tier 3 chests at the end of the mission after defeat the Deep Dive’s final boss.

Your entire Fireteam needs to interact with the small Taken Blight in order to start the mini-event. The Taken Blight can usually be found right or left corners of the room or somewhere in the center. When going near the Taken Blight, you’ll see the prompt to “Invoke Darkness.” Once everyone has interacted with the Taken Blight a timer will start and you’ll have to complete the next tasks before it runs out.

The task that comes after you’ve interacted with the small Taken Blight is random. It can be standing in the light or destroying Taken Blights. After you’ve finished this event, you’ll hear Xivu Arath speak and get the message “Darkness invoked.” Go through the Deep Dive mission until you reach the final boss where you’ll have to defeat it. This is a three-stage boss fight with special enemies that appear because you invoked Darkness.

After defeating the Deep Dive final boss, you can loot the extra chests at the end of the mission before you leave. Completing the Pressure Trial will also fulfill one of the seasonal Triumphs. However before you can open them, you’re going to need Deep Dive Keys to open these seasonal loot. Read on to find out what you need to do to get these keys.

How to get Deep Dive Keys and Tier 3 chests?

You can earn Deep Dive keys by looting them from the Tier 3 chests at the end of the Deep Dive mission. There are other ways to earn Deep Dive keys such as reaching rank 24 and 29 of the premium battle pass for this season, taking part in the fishing minigame, and as rewards from the vendor.

Deep Dive Keys are for earning bonus loot at the end of Seasonal Activities such as engrams, deadly weapons, and high stat armors. You won’t be able to open bonus chests without Deep Dive Keys which could lock you out of certain loot. You can farm for them by going to The Shattered Throne in Dreaming City. Our guide on How to Get Salvage Keys and Deep Dive Keys in Destiny 2 will teach you more about how to farm for these keys fast.

Keep in mind that you can only hold a certain number of Deep Dive Keys before you reach the inventory cap. So make sure to spend them on any Deep Dive seasonal activity so you’ll make room for more.

Deep Dive Rewards

These are the possible rewards you get from completing Deep Dive:

  • Deep Engrams
  • Legendary Weapons
  • Legendary Armor
  • Bait
  • Sonar Station Reputation

Destiny 2 Deep Dive Collectibles

There are multiple collectibles in Deep Dive which you have to gather in order to fulfill certain Triumphs related to the activity.

Aquarium Vivarium Triumph Collectibles

Find all unique plants and flora throughout your Deep Dives and add them to the H.E.L.M. aquarium. Rewards: Siochain’s Scuba Shell (Ghost Shell)

  • Twilight plant
  • Twilight flora
  • Midnight plan
  • Midnight flora
  • Abyss plant
  • Abyss flora

Mechanical Depth Collectibles

Successfully complete an encounter at each new depth of Deep Dives.

  • Twilight completed
  • Midnight completed
  • Abyss completed

Down The Drain Triumph Collectibles

Defeat each new unique boss found on your Deep Dives.

  • J4W-S, Wrathborn Servitor defeated
  • Kudazad, Bound to Xivu Arath defeated
  • Kelgorath, Taken from Bones defeated

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