Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst – Guide

Featured Image Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

In our Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst we’ll be showing you all you need to know about how to get this exotic rocket launcher weapon that was brought into the game by the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event.

Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Bungie is finally bringing the long requested weapons from the original Destiny game into its sequel. One of the best exotic rocket launchers, the Gjallarhorn, has been much beloved by fans and it’s exciting to finally see this beast of a weapon be brought into Destiny 2.

To get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst you first need to buy the Bungie 30th Anniversary DLC. You need this DLC to get this exotic rocket launcher through the DLC’s main centerpiece content, the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. You can also get the Thorn Armor through the DLC if you’re interested.

Now acquiring the Gjallarhorn isn’t too difficult. Thankfully it’s a lot easier than getting the Malfeasance Hand Cannon. However, you will still be required to do some legwork in order to get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

Getting the Gjallarhorn Catalyst Step-by-Step

Here are all the steps into getting the Gjallarhorn Catalyst.

Complete Dares of Eternity

The first thing you need to do to get the Gjallarhorn is to complete Dares of Eternity. This is a six player activity that was released during the Bungie 30th Anniversary Event for Destiny 2. This isn’t too challenging to do and should be feasible on your first try alone.

In fact you may not actually have much of a choice but to do the Dares of Eternity as you’ll be kidnapped by Xur the first time you boot up the game after downloading the update which will automatically start the quest.

In the Dares of Eternity, you’ll be thrown into a Dares match where you just need to complete the task at hand to earn the rewards. When the Dares match is over you will be sent back to a new social space called Xur’s Treasure Hoard where you can speak with Xur and Starhorse to get Dare bounties.

Xur will offer “And Out Fly The Wolves” which is an exotic quest you need to take to get the Gjallarhorn. Accept the quest and go about your way.

Shaw Han Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Talk to Shaw Haw

This is the part where you’ll head to the Cosmodrome and talk to Shaw Haw who is a mentor for the Vanguard New Light. He’ll point you towards the direction of an old legendary location familiar to players who played the first Destiny game.

Speaking with Shaw Haw unlocks the Grasp of Avarice dungeon which you can now access through the Cosmodrome map using a node.

Grasp of Avarice Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Finish the Grasp of Avarice

You’ll first need to complete a round of Grasp of Avarice before you can get the Gjallarhorn. The dungeon itself is actually pretty excellent offering some fun game mechanics and some great encounters that you won’t mind having to go through this dungeon. It’s honestly one of the best parts of the DLC.

At the end of the Grasp of Avarice dungeon, you’ll find a Wolfpack Round. This is actually one of the armaments that the Gjallarhorn fires. You can return back to Shaw Haw to get the details on the Wolfpack Round you found.

Find the Wolfpack Rounds

Your next step is pretty simple. Shaw will tell you that you should look around for some poor Fallen and see if they’re carrying any more Wolfpack Rounds. You’ll of course have to fight them for it but you should have no trouble dispatching them. Any Fallen with yellow or orange health bars will do.

You should try the Lost Sector or any Public Event to be able to gather as much of them as possible. The Exodus Garden 2A is the nearest and most convenient Lost Sector at it is right behind where you speak to Shaw Han.

Defeating tougher Fallen should get you enough of the Wolfpack Rounds you need in a few runs of the Lost Sector. We recommend doing this on your own as you may wind up competing with your teammates for the rounds itself.

Go back to Shaw Haw and then Speak With Banshee

Once you’ve collected all the necessary Wolfpack Rounds, you can return to Shaw Haw who will muse about how it may be possible to actually rebuild the Gjallarhorn. Shaw will be nice enough to give you the parts you need to build the exotic weapon.

To be able to actually forge the Gjallarhorn, you need to talk to Banshee who is at the Tower. Banshee will give you the last quest you need to do in order to finally forge the Gjallarhorn. This quest will send you back to the Exodus Garden 2A in the Cosmodrome.

You just need to clear the Lost Sector once to get the remaining parts that you need. At the end of this Lost Sector should be a chest after you defeat the giant Servitor which should contain a part you need.

Gjallarhorn Destiny 2 How to Get the Gjallarhorn Catalyst

Forge the Gjallarhorn

You need to head back to Shaw once more. There isn’t any need to talk to him this time around. Instead you need to head over to his accommodations by dropping down where he’s standing and turning around to find a bunker.

In the bunker where Shaw lives on the right side, you’ll see a small workbench you can interact with. There should be a button prompt where you can gather all the Gjallarhorn materials you’ve collected up to this point. And with that, you are now the proud owner of the Gjallarhorn exotic rocket launcher.

Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn Exotic Rocket Launcher

The Gjallarhorn is one of the best exotic weapons in Destiny 2. With its extremely high blast radius, you’ll be damaging every foe unfortunate enough to be in your path. The Wolfpack Rounds split upon explosion that track any nearby enemies.

The Gjallarhorn has also received some significant buffs since its last use. Fighting close to your allies with this weapon gives you some benefits such as the Pack Hunter perk which will increase your loading speed and handling any time your fighting near your fireteam.

The rounds you fire with the Gjallarhorn will also give your fireteam their own Wolfpack Rounds that they can use for non-exotic rocket launchers making it a great weapon to play with.

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