Destiny 2 Something New Legendary Hand Cannon Guide

How to get Something New Hand Cannon God Roll in Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022

Destiny 2 Something New cover

Something New is the newest Legendary Hand Cannon that players can get during the Solstice of Heroes 2022 event in Destiny 2. It’s a high impact hand cannon that is good for shooting targets from a long range.

How to get the Something New Hand Cannon

The Something New can be obtained as a random drop from clearing Bonfire Bash runs. Equipping an entire Candescent Armor set can improve the rewards from the bonfire, so there is a higher possibility of getting Something New with this method. It’s one of two event-exclusive weapons along with the Compass Rose Shotgun.

Something New Hand Cannon Stats

  • Rounds per Minute: 120
  • Magazine: 9
  • Damage type: Stasis
  • Impact: 92
  • Range: 58
  • Stability: 27
  • Handling: 24
  • Reload Speed: 25
  • Archetype: Aggressive Frame – High damage, high recoil. Optimized for long-distance shooting.
  • Origin Trait: Dream Work – Once per reload, assist or assisted final blows partially refill the weapon from reserves, potentially overflowing the magazine.

Recommended Something New God Rolls for PvE

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake – +30 Recoil/+10 Handling
  • Magazine: High-Caliber Rounds – +5 Range/Stunlocks minor enemies
  • Trait #1: Wellspring – Kills with this weapon generate ability energy. This energy is divided between your uncharged abilities.
  • Trait #2: Demolitionist – Kills with this weapon generate grenade energy. Activating your grenade ability reloads this weapon from reserves.

Recommended Something New God Rolls for PvP

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake – +30 Recoil/+10 Handling
  • Magazine: Appended Mag – +2 Magazine
  • Trait #1: Feeding Frenzy – Each rapid kill with this weapon progressively increases reload speed for a short time.
  • Trait #2: Headstone – Precision final blows spawn a Stasis crystal at the victim’s location.

Recommended Something New Weapon Mods

  • Backup Mag – +3 Magazine
  • Minor Spec – Deals extra damage against rank-and-file enemies.

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