How to complete Rekindle the Spark in Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes 2022

A guide on how to complete the Rekindle the Spark quest for Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Rekindle the Spark

Rekindle the Spark is the main quest for the yearly Solstice of Heroes event in Destiny 2. During this quest, players will be able to get season-exclusive weapons, as well as this year’s Candescent Armor sets.

For this year’s Solstice event, Guardians will be tasked to gather leaves for the Bonfire Bash, as well as some kindling which can be used to imbue the Candescent Armor pieces with Sparks. The event will run from July 19, 2022 until August 9, 2022.

To unlock the quest, make sure to complete the Celebrating Solstice Quest and the A Guardian in Shining Armor Quest. Then, talk to Eva once again at the Tower Courtyard where you can pick up the Rekindle the Spark quest. There will be six steps to be done in order to complete the entire quest.

Collect 12 Silver Leaves

Rekindle the Spark Step 1: Collect 12 Silver Leaves

After completing the first two quests, Eva will be rewarding you with some Silver Leaves. But, if you need more Silver Leaves, just don your Candescent Armor and do Vanguard Strikes if you would like to play along with other players, or enter Crucible or Gambit matches if fighting against other Guardians is what you enjoy more.

As always, try to pick up as many bounties as you can from Eva (Solstice bounties), or from the respective NPCs of the activities of your choice to make sure that you’re also doing some work on your reputation on the side. You can also do other minor events such as patrols or public events; just make sure you don’t forget to wear your Candescent armor, or else you won’t gain any Silver Leaves.

Once you have collected 12 Silver Leaves, proceed to step 2.

Collect 60 Silver Ash

Rekindle the Spark Step 2: Collect 60 Silver Ash

With your collected Silver Leaves, do Bonfire Bash runs to convert them into Silver Ash. You will only get Silver Ash if you have Silver Leaves in your inventory, so make sure you’re topped up with leaves. You can complete this step with just one Bonfire Bash run depending on how many leaves you carry.

Once you have collected 60 Silver Ashes, proceed to step 3.

Collect 3 Kindling

Rekindle the Spark Step 3: Collect 3 Kindling

Kindling can be obtained by completing Event Challenges such as collecting Silver Ash, completing a Bonfire Bash run, or stoking enough flames during a Bonfire Bash run. It’s best to leave at least three event challenges unclaimed until reaching this part so that you can complete this step quickly.

After collecting 3 Kindlings, proceed to step 4.

Rekindle the Spark Step 4: Add Kindling to a Candescent Armor to imbue a Spark

Adding more Kindling to a Candescent Armor to its maximum amount will not only allow you to imbue it with a Spark, but it will also unlock its glow.

At this point, make sure to select the same Candescent Armor piece that you’ve added Kindling to in the first two quest lines in order to see the Fully Rekindled option. Select the Fully Rekindled option to add the 3 Kindlings to complete this step.

Rekindle the Spark Step 5: Select a Spark to imbue

Using your Silver Ash, select the Spark of your choice to be imbued on the armor piece. Make sure to decide thoroughly as imbuing an armor piece with a Spark cannot be undone.

Rekindle the Spark Step 6: Talk to Eva

After imbuing a Spark to an armor piece, talk to Eva once again to complete the quest and receive more Silver Leaves as part of the rewards. You’ll also have the option to proceed to the next quest line, A Glowing Solstice, which requires you to work on rekindling your other Candescent Armor pieces.

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